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Rules for Straight Thinking for Successful Human Relations

Posted by Dick Wooden

Successful Human Relations

Principles and Practice in Business, in the Home, and in Government is a book I ran across while browsing older books about relationship development from Dr. William Reilly, who also wrote The Law of Intelligent Action in 1950's.  His books have proved notably successful in applying in a popular way the findings of psychology to the everyday problems of business, social, and personal life. In this book he discusses in basic terms the attitudes which can make your relationships with others more pleasant and productive. The book is filled with concrete examples of typical problems in human relation, and their solutions

Dr. Reilly founded the National Institute for Straight Thinking for work to show that those most interested in straight thinking are those who need it least -- successful business leaders and outstanding young men/women who are open-mindedly reaching out in the direction of anything that will further improve their thinking and speed up their progress.  

Vision realization before and after-Success with CRM

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Day in Life of top sales representative

Posted by Dick Wooden

Proactive and focused efforts on the right tasks and right relationships

Meet Joe Taylor, a top sales representative at Acme Forklifts.  During this demonstration we'll be following him through a day in his life.  We will see how he leverages Infor CRM during three key points in his day. And how he uses it to maintain proactive and focused efforts on the right tasks and the right relationships.

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Business has an Insidious Enemy!

Posted by Dick Wooden

Business has a fierce and insidious enemy that if not identified and combated, will contort your company into an unrecognizable mess.

I'm talking about those valuable people, relationships, and conversations that get lost, misrepresented, delayed or forgotten - never to be used again....

This domain knowledge about your prospects, customers, and strategic partnerships takes time to grow and develop.  A system and operational processes are missing.  Too many times important details of a conversation are not recorded and shared.  Maybe it was about a problem or challenge the other person mentioned and remains unresolved.  It may be competitive information that provides helpful insights. Or it may have been a new business opportunity referred to a sales person. Details get left off. Messages are incomplete. Big ideas and insights are forgotten.  The road to success is not a straight line.


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Accelerate transformation - 4 CRM trends in 2018

Posted by Dick Wooden

4 CRM trends to accelerate transformation and foster innovation in 2018

CRM unification and digital transformation have been buzzwords for years. But in 2018 companies will have to evolve by not only focusing on customer-facing engagement, but also creating better alignment to enable rapid, ongoing innovation and meet evolving customer expectations.


#3:  Creating alignment beyond data silos

CRM trends 2018-bpm-online marketing.png


We would like to offer you a recent White Paper with 4 CRM trends to accelerate transformation and foster innovation in 2018.

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Using Account Hierarchy as Parent-Child Relationships

Posted by Dick Wooden

Creating and using Parent-Child Account Relationships in Infor CRM

In the animal world every animal has a parent relationship, a sort of hierarchy of Parent->Child from one generation to another.  In the CRM digital world this may also apply to relationships among your business accounts.  Some businesses will have many child, subsidiary accounts that you track in CRM and still need to relate back to a parent account.

Consider this is a worldwide corporate account that have various business accounts located elsewhere that do business with your business. So, the parent account has multiple subsidiary/child accounts that are linked as one.  Under each account are a range of contacts, opportunities and service requests.

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Manufacturing sales rep - from opportunity to quote to sales order

Posted by Dick Wooden

Using the Infor Customer Experience - Sales Suite

Integrated CRM (Customer relationship management) + CLM (contract life cycle management) + CPQ (configure, price & quoting)

Take a look at how a manufacturing sales rep could work with a Dealer and create a new pricing contract. And the dealer can create their own quote using Enterprise Quoting.

All of this increases the accuracy of orders, reduces your end to end processing time and costs.

This amounts to increased customer satisfaction and provides you with centralized insights into your organization.

View the whole process in less than 6 minute video:

  • Creation of the sales opportunity by mfg. rep in CRM
  • Configure and link to new pricing contract
  • Dealer creation of quote with product selection
  • Generation of Sales order
  • Business KPI for centralized insights


Why it's important

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Topics: Make your business work smarter, Sales strategy, Sales Enablement with CRM, Infor CRM, Infor CRM Specialist, Infor CRM Integration, Infor CX Sales Suite, Infor CPQ-Configure-Price-Quote, Infor Contract Lifecycle Mgmt

Sales Intelligence - planning for 2018

Posted by Dick Wooden

Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM

Make all of your interactions meaningful....

Customer relationships are the foundation of your business.  When you're identifying new leads and staying current with existing customers, every interaction has to count. 

With the right data science tools, your salespeople can use customer and prospect data to make sure that they're using all of their resources to their fullest potential.

From identifying the customer that are most likely to make a purchase, to knowing their next purchase, data science can give your business the edge it needs in a highly competitive market.

Sales Intelligence for Infor CRM Integration utilizes data science and customer data enabling your business to:

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Latest from bpm'online CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

We are thrilled to announce a new update (7.11.2) for the bpm'online products!  This update has more than 40 enhanced capabilities and updates.

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Easy enrich your prospect and customer information

Posted by Dick Wooden

How to enrich the account data from the open Internet sources

One of the helpful options in bpm'online CRM system is the one-click ability to enrich a company account information and alerting when new data is available.

By using the Enrich data action it will automatically search for additional account information.  Click the  button to run this action.

As a result, bpm'online will search open sources for the following account data

  • email addresses
  • phone numbers
  • account profiles in Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube, Instagram, SlideShare and Pinterest social networks
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Boost CRM Productivity with Voice Recognition - Ask Act! and Amazon Alexa

Posted by Julie Cooper

Understanding Amazon Alexa

What sets Alexa and Echo apart from first-generation voice assistants is responsiveness, unlike Dragon Naturally Speaking. There’s no activation button to press. Simply say the trigger word: “Alexa,” “Echo,” “Amazon,” or “Computer”, followed by what you want to happen.(Be sure to you’ve set up everything properly and are using the correct command).

Once you get used to the quirks, using Alexa feels much more natural and responsive than speaking to a phone-based voice assistant like Apple’s Siri or 'OK Google'. As a result, you’ll likely find yourself using your phone less frequently when you’re at home or in the office.

Exactly how the Act!/Alexa integration works and more importantly how much it cost?

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