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How to reset an Infor CRM user login

Posted by Dick Wooden

Issue:   CRM user gets locked out of Infor CRM web client

A typical cause of a user lock out is when a user has entered an invalid password more than once while trying to login.  (This applies to an Infor CRM web portal that is not using Windows single-sign - where the Windows network user is automatically logged into Infor CRM.)

Note the CRM administrator can configure the system Security under the web client->Administration->Office Profile->Security tab for:


Resolution process:

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Analytics for ROI in winning marketing campaigns

Posted by Dick Wooden

Better analytics tools to enable ROI

Marketers are increasingly calling for better analytics tools to enable their ROI analysis and reporting. In the March 2016 eMarketers’ study, marketers ranked Business Intelligence technology as their most likely technology investment for the coming year. Recognizing the need for companies to find a better way to monitor trends, make improvements and identify marketing’s contribution to the pipeline, Salesfusion created the Advanced Analytics platform.

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Ultimate guide to sales success through sales math

Posted by Dick Wooden

With over one trillion dollars spent annually on sales teams, maximizing sales productivity is a critical goal for every enterprise. While all sales organizations are different, it is always important to measure the KPIs and outcomes at each stage of the sales process.

Sales is a numbers game. Having the benchmarks to measure performance makes companies better equipped for today’s new selling environment. In addition, a process-driven sales automation tool can help manage sales metrics to achieve the heightened win rates every company seeks. There is no magic or quick fix to improve your sales metrics — it takes careful analysis and a clear understanding of important factors.

We would like to offer you this eBook where you can learn to effectively apply bench marking statistics to evaluate your sales process. Find out actionable insights about the customer journey, pushing deals through the sales pipeline and learning from the outcomes.

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Topics: Make your business work smarter, Sales Productivity Improvements, Sales process, Selling Smarter, BPM-Business process management, BPMonline, BPMonline Sales, Performance Metrics, sales benchmarks

Why does sales fail to hit their quota even though marketing is reaching their lead generation goals?

Posted by Julie Cooper

Achieve success and maintain revenue growth with the alignment of marketing and sales metrics.

Did you know 25-50% of organization do not have a documented Service Level Agreement between sales and marketing departments which results in a significant decline in revenue.

By creating an internal sales and marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures that marketing and sales have a common definition of key terms., e.g. Lead, MQL, SQL, etc., as well as scoring criteria that should be applied to leads before hand-over to sales. Don't forget to set common goals: sales funnel alignment, joint activities, etc.

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Secret Marketing Weapon for Referral Growth

Posted by Dick Wooden

Referrals through Donut Marketing - The Enterprise Story

In the beginning, actually the 1980’s, Enterprise Rent-A-Car started taking donuts to insurance agents as a way to get referrals for people whose car had been in an accident and they needed a temporary replacement vehicle.

In June of 1987, Allen McNeill, the owner of what is now Thanks A Dozen received a phone call at the printing company where he worked from Dave Willey, a Regional Manager at Enterprise.  Willey told McNeill that his office managers were taking donuts daily to insurance agents.  He wanted to make custom boxes so everyone would know all day long that it was Enterprise that was so nice to bring in the donuts.  After the original boxes were made, other managers throughout the Enterprise system started ordering their own boxes.

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Topics: Referral Marketing, Target Market, Referral Development, Marketing plan, Make your business work smarter, Marketing Effectiveness, Sales strategy, Selling Smarter, Referral Network

7 habits of successful sales people often ignored by others

Posted by Dick Wooden

Did you know why 75% of deals in sales pipeline never close and 44% of executives think their organization is ineffective at managing the sales pipeline?

We would like to offer you an ebook  that includes the productivity hacks that every sales professional should follow to sell more efficiently and help their organization grow faster.

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Topics: Make your business work smarter, Marketing Effectiveness, Sales Productivity Improvements, BPM-Business process management, Sales Enablement with CRM, BPMonline, BPMonline Sales, BPMonline Marketing, BPMonline Tips

How Account Based strategy reduces wasted sales time

Posted by Dick Wooden

Did you know that 60% of companies that have been leveraging an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy for at least 1 year reported revenue increases of at least 10%?

In addition, ABM directly addresses sales and marketing alignment, challenging the 50% of sales time wasted on productive prospecting.

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Topics: Make your business work smarter, Marketing Effectiveness, Sales Productivity Improvements, BPM-Business process management, Sales Enablement with CRM, BPMonline, BPMonline Sales, BPMonline Marketing, BPMonline Tips

Show QuickBooks Sales History Inside Infor CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Deliver sales history directly into your Infor CRM from the latest QuickBooks accounting information.

With the widespread use of Intuit® QuickBooks™ accounting system there are many businesses missing the ability to quickly and easily provide accounting system information to the CRM sales and support team.  This could include items such as:

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Topics: Make your business work smarter, Better Decision Making, Sales Productivity Improvements, QuickBooks Integration, Accounting integration, Selling Smarter, Infor CRM, Well Used CRM, Infor CRM Specialist, Infor CRM 8.3

Integrity Checker - don't forget this CRM tool

Posted by Dick Wooden

Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided, a firm adherence to a code.

So wouldn't you want a way to validate your CRM database, tables and linked records?

Common Issues:

  • Did you import a group of records and now the results are not showing up properly?
  • Did someone "delete" instead of "retire" a user and now you see invalid or blank values for Account Manager?
  • Are there reports showing blank data or 'invalid' in place of the correct users's name?
  • Are activities now showing up correctly?
  • When clicking on a digital attachment, you don't see the related file or get an error message?


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Mistakes to Correct Before Installing Infor 8.3 CRM Xbar

Posted by Julie Cooper

Infor Xbar must do first:

Before installing the Infor Xbar connector for Microsoft Outlook: Provide this documentation to the supporting IT firm/person to verify the below items. 

Verify that the user is the Admin of their local PC.

Verify that all users have no restrictions from Group Policies for installing software. 

Without enough Windows User permissions, the installation or configuration may fail and work improperly.

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