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About Success with CRM Consulting Inc.

Your partners for Business Success with CRM

"We help businesses attract, keep and develop profitable customers by tailoring, implementing, and supporting growth-oriented CRM systems."

Julie Cooper 2016



As founder and President, my passion is for leveraging your CRM so you can attract and engage more new customers and consistently maintain  great relationships.


Hi !

We’re Dick Wooden and Julie Cooper. We’re a father-daughter team who loves to help entrepreneurs flourish. We believe CRM tools can help you achieve long-term, purposeful growth. Our mission is to guide you to adopt and leverage an appropriate CRM for their unique businesses.

Our clients feel cared for. Their lives and their businesses are better after experiencing our valued solutions.

When we engage with a good business that has a vision for more greatness and a culture of positive action, magic happens.

CRM: One of the most important decisions a growing company can make.

We get it -- it’s often complex and intimidating to analyze available CRM's and make a decision that’s right for you. We draw on our experience and expertise to help you navigate it. Read more….

We use a personalized approach because your business is unique and so is your ideal customer. Come to think of it, maybe a CRM will help you know your ideal customer better. Read more….


What do you want to know about CRM?  Read more about these topics here:


Well used, purpose-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is critical for long-term, profitable growth.

The right CRM can be one of the most important decisions a growing company can make.

The analysis and decision-making process of business development is often complex. We help you navigate it by using the expertise we’ve gained from our experiences with our successful clients and key strategic partners.

Success with CRM is a consulting and CRM implementing firm that helps clients achieve sustained sales and customer service success by growing revenue from their existing customers and cost effectively identifying and winning new 'ideal' customers.

Your business is unique. Our personalized approach will enable your business to properly select, implement and support the CRM that best fits your business.  It may be Creatio (formally bpm'online) CRM,  Infor (Saleslogix) CRM,  Act! Growth Suites system to receive a high return on your investment.


Leveraging Your CRM to Attract and Engage New Customers and Consistently Maintain Great Relationships

In most mid-sized companies, all their customer information is compartmentalized and not accessible when it is needed. Often, we see leads lists from marketing, spreadsheets from operations, historical customer sales in the accounting system and notes from the sales team in their Outlook. It’s practically impossible to get the full picture of a customer.

Recognizing that everything about a customer needs to be seen in one place is the first step. However, the challenge companies often face is how to get all the different employees within their organization to adopt the tool that is chosen.

To solve this challenge, a company needs to focus on three principles when choosing a CRM that will work for their unique needs:

1. CRM is 60% people, 30% process and 10% technology. A company’s successful CRM implementation focuses on what its people need to succeed. Next, create a process and flow that encourages adoption which leads to quality data. Only then do we focus on putting the technology to work.

2. Your CRM should be customizable down to the user level. It is vital that your CRM is tailored to your needs, not just an out of the box solution.

3. Your CRM needs to sync with Microsoft Outlook or Google. Your team uses one of these for communicating every day, so it is essential that it integrates seamlessly as well as having a simple link to customer records. 

Unfortunately, most CRM systems that are adopted without experienced consultation are not tailored to the organization let alone to the individual user, and the data collection is minimal. It becomes an expensive tool that drives very little ROI.

We want you to avoid that plight. With Success with CRM, you can leverage your CRM to transform your business. 

Business Transformation

We collaborate to help our clients put business growth strategies and an integrated CRM system in place to reduce the risks of:

NOT Acquiring enough ideal customers,

NOT Retaining loyal and profitable customers, and

NOT Growing existing customers into more important and valuable assets for your business.

Success with CRM Consulting implements fully adaptable and customizable CRM systems that capture knowledge easily, return new insights, and allow better, quicker decisions. 

We collaborate directly with small and medium sized professional service firms and process-oriented manufacturers.

Our professional service clients see rapid growth. Our easy to implement systematic approach allows them to stay ‘top of mind’ with their clients to effectively nurture business relationships. When they can access quick insights into past conversations and commitments with important contacts, they aren’t losing precious moments trying to look up key information.

As business owner ourselves and relationship building professionals, we know that the perspectives gained with up-to-date knowledge about the client can transform a business for consistent long-term success.


Download eBook How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM

Business Mission and Philosophy 


Our mission is to help business people build engaging, long-term relationships and enjoy the benefits of a successful business life. We help business owners and entrepreneurs experience a more rewarding business and life by creating strategies to grow their business and take it to the next level. 


Our business philosophy focuses on the importance of having adaptable strategies and systems in place along with the tools to be dynamic in today's knowledge-worker, social-communications, ever-changing world.  We work best with small to medium businesses in a collaborative and cooperative environment.  



Who we serve:

Our clients primarily are businesses that want to effectively use technology to enable increases in productivity and to find, update and share information about their business contacts. They may have a current network system but are also actively considering “Cloud” service and software-as-a-service solutions. They desire to reduce marketing costs by effectively offering the right value at the right time to ideal prospects and current clients who are most interested. Our clients feel they are cared for. Their lives and their businesses are better after experiencing our valued solutions..

We prefer to engage with a good business with

a vision for more greatness and a culture of positive action.

Then the magic will happen



By equipping their team with the tools to actively engage prospects and clients, firms that partner with Success with CRM work and sound smarter and more caring. Their focus on identifying key characteristics of ideal customers drives profitable growth for the long-term. They stop being frustrated by multiple data sources for this client knowledge.  This holistic view of their clients gives them new insights.

Existing Client Industries we support with Act!Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and Creatio CRM (bpm'online):

  • Professional services: Information technology, accounting, CPA's, payroll services, software development/sales, financial services, real estate, community development, and marketing firms.
  • Paint and chemical manufacturers and their dealer networks in automotive, military, aero-space, marine & commercial Industries.
  • Providers of waste-derived alternate fuel and systems.
  • Fabricator and distributor of steel products
  • Discrete manufacturer of electric motors
  • Distributor of water filtration systems.
  • HR, Payroll processing and payroll services firms
  • Commercial printing companies
  • Non-profit agencies and community organizations.

View examples of tailor-made, customizations we have implemented for clients, here.


describe the imageWhile we'd like to meet, you face to face, Internet technology, and social networks allows us to help clients from Philadelphia to Portland Oregon. Success with CRM Consulting, Inc. typically serves clients within 150 miles of Michiana (Michigan/Indiana) area or those who are comfortable in the use of Internet Technology for remote communications support. They may have a current network system but are also actively considering “Cloud” service and software-as-a-service solutions.

Michigan: Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pontiac, Flint, Farmington Hills, Novi, Traverse City, and more.

Indiana: South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Michigan City, Chesterton, Plymouth, Kokomo, Indianapolis, Goshen, Carmel, and more. 

Illinois & Wisconsin:  Chicago, Joliet, Rockford, Naperville; Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and more.

Let's get Acquainted:

Visit our Contact page and learn more about Dick Wooden and Julie Cooper

Success is a Continuous Journey

Success with CRM Consulting, Inc. was founded on the belief that success in life and in business is a continuous journey and a large part is the identification and building of strong long-term relationships among people.  So having a successful well-used CRM system that is purpose-built is a strategic and tactical component that we help provide to clients.  

Our business success philosophy can be expressed in this TED video- Success is a continuous journey by Richard St. John. We hope you enjoy it:

Ways to get started CRM 101 Video

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Technology Used

Our Recommended Solutions that we help to design, implement and support:


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