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Act! CRM. Growth Made Easy.

Act! combines proven CRM with powerful Marketing Automation, providing everything you need to market like a pro, turn leads into sales, and win raving fans for life.

 Why Choose Act!?

ACT Marketing 2020Sales & marketing in one.

ACT icon2Fit for your journey.

Act icon 3A recognized leader.

Achieve sales and marketing greatness with the all in one solution designed just for small and midsized businesses.

Grow as you go with affordable options perfect for your unique business—no matter where you are on your journey. Rest easy when you partner with a recognized leader with millions of happy customers all around the world.

How does Act! benefit my business?

CRM and Marketing Automation together as one.

Watch as your business goals become a reality with proven CRM and powerful Marketing Automation in one. Learn more (video).

Just look at what’s possible with Act!.

ACT benefiting my business

Delight every customer, every time.

Where no detail is forgotten and meaningful interactions happen.

Imagine this—a top customer calls unexpectedly, but you don’t sweat it. In an instant, you’re informed and prepared with a comprehensive view of all their interactions with your company, no matter where you are. With all this rich information, you personalize conversations and build trust, because you know things like which products they have, when their contracts are expiring, the last time you spoke, even down to their birthday and kids’ names. You nailed it! All your customers think they’re your best and most valued.Act!-Free-Trial-Btn_080718

Big results. Small investment.

Choose from a range of affordable options that fit the needs of your business, no matter where you are on your journey.

 ACT Pricing

Check out what’s new since your version of Act!..

Productivity Enhancements for Accounting and Quoting for Act!

Seamlessly Integrate your Act! & QuickBooks

Take your Business to the next level of efficiency by seamlessly linking your CRM and accounting data together. Keystroke's new Qsales for Act! (formerly QSales Data) links your Act! and Quickbooks applications together to eliminate double-entry and make your Act! users more productive and informed.

  • Link contact records between Act! and Quickbooks
  • Get a global view of all customer transactions in Act!
  • Synchronize Contact field updates between Act! and Quickbooks
  • Create QB Customers from Records in Act!
  • Create Quickbooks Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders and Sales Receipts from Act!
  • Convert Act! Opportunities to professional looking quotes or into QB Transactions
  • View Quickbooks Sales Transactions, as well as the last 5 Years of Sales Totals in Act!
  • View Past Due Balance information and Last Invoice Date in Act!, and be alerted of overdue accounts with a toolbar notification
  • Data resides in Act! fields so your Act! users won’t need access to QB to view Sales Data in Act!
  • All Data Synchronizes out to Act! Remote Databases
  • Improved custom table functionality allows you to group & calculate transactions in Act!

Save time and make your quotes and proposals look compelling and impressive!


Are you wasting time creating quotes and revisions?

Are you getting complaints from prospects about the ability to understand a quote?

The combination of QuoteWerks and Act! makes it easier to provide quotes and proposals to prospective customers, combine sales quotes with business development opportunities in the pipeline, and gain visibility into revenue streams from your products and services.

Integrate your Quoting and Proposals with Act!

Not Sure Where to Start?

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