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Solve Unique Problems With CRM Customization Using Adaptable Software

Have it Your Way with an Adaptable CRM foundation


Your business will change over time. Industry, customer and technology changes will occur that you have yet to consider and probably yet a complete plan to capture. To drive positive customer experiences needed in todays’ world, attention is needed for a disciplined focus.  A focus to identify your best customer’s profile.  These are the characteristics which are specific to your best business offering. 

Additionally, the selling process has to integrate into the buyers’ process to be successful.  Related internal operational processes are needed to match this customer-centric strategy. 

The way you do business to attract, grow and keep profitable customers will need to change over time and thus driving a business requirement for an adaptable CRM foundation.

Adaptability is a key reason why we recommend  BPM'online CRM + BPM,  Infor CRM (Saleslogix),  and ACT! contact management  We specialize in translating the way you do business so you can take advantage of the capabilities provided by these solutions- both now and into the future. At the start of an implementation it is critical that the CRM users gain productivity and advantages in their role. Increased user adoption drives improved data quality.  Improved relationship engagement, increased productivity and better information makes your CRM an asset that appreciates over time.  Well-used CRM is an asset that increases the worth of the business.

If the other CRM solutions you are considering are not flexible - not easily adaptable to your business model - we need to have a conversation on what can be accomplished. 



Implemented solutions we have tailored for our client successes....

Professional Services Firms- CPA's, accounting, payroll services

  • Integration of client service tickets as client matters with CCH's Practice Management engagements and projects with assignment to primary and delegate staff members to manage work.
  • Top 21 Business relationship follow up dashboard of top clients, top prospects and top referral sources for regional CPA firm's partners and key managers.
  • Integrated document scanning, indexing and search capability linked to account/contact and optionally to client case/service ticket.
  • Project and engagement tracking and management system for CPA clients.
  • Creation of visuals for Work In Process loads for support staff assignments and reports for managers on possible over work or under scheduled staff.
  • Identification of IT systems, configurations and related components of regional high tech IT firm's support customer sites.
  • Project management, time and billing system integration with Saleslogix with services approval process with posting the third party accounting system.
  • Alerting and notification system for reoccurring customer orders that fall out of alignment with past purchases ordering frequency.
  • Opportunity management extended to track annuities, year end growth, and policies.

Upgrading customized Saleslogix Windows version systems to latest Infor CRM Web & mobile

  • Improve the ROI of their current investment in CRM by having upgraded system with its added benefits and usage of current technology improvements.
  • Upgrading light to heavily customized Saleslogix 7.x Windows versions or later to the latest 8.4 environment for web and mobile user access.
  • Enhancements to use improved business processes in opportunity management and various reports to help sales reps understand their schedule and commitments.
  • Implementation of helpful filters on accounts, contacts, opportunities, tickets and custom entities to improve productivity and use engagement
  • Helpful educational how to videos for training new staff and for refreshment of skills.
  • Integration with Outlook Xbar for additional productivity while working in Outlook. 

Implementation of InboxGuru marketing automation for Infor CRM

  • Planned for conversion of older Swiftpage integrated system for Saleslogix
  • Implemented Inbox Guru components into Infor CRM client user interface
  • Created email and newsletter templates (Mail Chimp)
  • Setup asset library of sales and educational PDFs for tracking the use of these materials in emails and marketing campaigns
  • Measured engagement from marketing campaigns
  • Created a new Infor CRM History view to visualize new marketing activity interest by contacts

Migration of Infor CRM (Saleslogix) system to bpm'online CRM + BPM

  • Defined the items to migrate that were of importance
  • Considered and implemented bpm'online new capabilities especially in workflow processes in lead creation, capturing web pages information and web site traffic
  • Designed process for migrating key components:  Accounts, Contacts, Addresses
  • Designed process for migrating appropriate history of communications with accounts and contacts
  • Performed final migration over holiday weekend

Migration of ACT contact management to Infor (Saleslogix) CRM

  • Solved a serious need to migrate many customized tables and new fields from ACT so there was a more adaptable CRM to grow as the business grew.
  • Solved need to apply a more account ownership model with a secure method to hide or provide view only ability to accounts (companies) that were managed by regional teams of sales reps.
  • Increased productivity and provided a rich user experience with Microsoft Outlook integration and allowing users to work inside of Outlook to easily update CRM.
  • Added ability to create business rules that automated tasks and kept data clean.
  • Added enhance mobile capabilities with tailor menus
  • Added enhanced reporting with ability to schedule reports

Lead Capturing and Automated Follow up:

  • Automated extraction of web form lead request information so that it can be used to create a new lead in Saleslogix or add new interests to an existing lead or contact record.
  • Linking a new lead to a specific sales person/territory based on lead form information and then notifying the sales person of the new lead.
  • Notifying the sales management if a new lead is not followed up and their lead status updated within 24 hours of a new lead web request.
  • Notifying the sales person and sales management if a new lead has not progressed to a qualified state within X number of days. 

Custom Quoting/Proposal Creation and Management

  • Specific inventory item, custom items and kit pricing along with quantity breaks quoting system.
  • Quoting revision and quote copying capabilities.
  • Easy to read and understand quote that prospective and current customer appreciate.
  • Conversion of quote to sales opportunity with eventual posting to third party accounting system.
  • Integration with QuoteWerks to show quote header and line item details inside an opportunity.

Product Catalog building and updating

  • Import new products and pricing information from spreadsheet to update pricing information, descriptions, etc. or create new product records.
  • Integration with various accounting systems for creation and updating of Infor (Saleslogix) product master.
  • Exporting information that feeds a web site of available products with pricing.
  • Integration with QuoteWerks product master
  • Product catalog item inserts and pricing updates from ERP system spreadsheet.

Data Importing and Migration

  • Importing custom inventory/part lists into Infor CRM (Saleslogix) product catalog with business intelligence for updating pricing and custom part fields.  
  • Use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are the data source for all types of CRM information.
  • Importing Lead lists purchased from 3rd party providers and smartly adding to CRM system without data duplication.  Includes updating the assigned sales representative for quick follow up
  • Importing Contact lists directly as new Accounts and contacts into Infor CRM, as prospects.
  • Exporting close won and lost opportunity metrics to Excel for advanced analysis.

Event management linked opportunities analysis

  • Identify meeting oriented educational events, attendance of contact and related friends, event costs and linked resulting sales opportunities.
  • Measurement of won sales opportunities and the revenue they generated back to the event that was the source of the lead/opportunity.

Waste fuel transportation, recycling, billing system

  • Identification of rail car and truck deliveries in and out of defined schedule.
  • 32 chemical analytical tests result tracking per load record for lab system to determine pricing and mixing ratios of waste fuel.
  • Billing system for processor and kiln operations with integration to third party accounting system.
  • Advanced analytics for measuring customer lifetime value and forecasted future revenue
  • Extensive management and production analysis reports with Crystal Professional
  • Implemented Orbis TaskCentre for automated businesss reporting

Accounting systems integrations

  • Sage Platinum for Windows, Sage 50 (Peachtree), Sage Batchmaster, Sage MAS 500/90, Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and several other system integrations with Infor CRM, SalesLogix, Infor CRM or ACT. 
  • Display of past customer sales history by product and by invoice with analysis over past years' sales.
  • Display of Accounts Receivable Aging balances such as 30/60/90 days.
  • Display of credit balance, terms, commissions, payments, etc.
  • Auto creation or updating of Accounting system customer accounts and billing contact information into CRM.
  • Viewing of Sage 100 / Peachtree quotes inside of Infor CRM and linked to accounts
  • Analysis of product sales and product pricing difference among customer accounts and time frames.
  • Various data imports of product catalogs, inventory items, pricing.

Business relationships, Community Development and Economic Development

  • Identification of various types adn degrees of relationships of among people and organizations including types of influences and their rating of depth of influence.
  • Tracking and management of economic development opportunities and their effect in the community and the related public relations back to the client.

Not for Profit - skills and donation tracking system

  • Identification of contractor and skill trade professionals with building related skills for donation toward low income housing projects.
  • Identification of financial contribution and resource donors to women aid center.

Nurturing of Lead and customer contacts

  • Sending useful educational and marketing content using email on a regular basis with statistics on Open, reopens, clicks of specific content, send to friends and invalid email addresses.
  • Resulting lead scoring for hot/warm/cold interest for effective sales calling activity.
  • Measurement of content that is most interesting to email recipients at the time they show the most interest.
  • Reports and list of contacts/accounts that have not be followed up or 'touched' in XXX days.

Emarketing Effectiveness and use of targeted messaging

  • Personalized email based marketing templates with company logo, contact information, table of contents, etc.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns with automatic follow-up to targeted group of contacts in  ACT and Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix).
  • Various marketing campaigns and newsletters using Swiftpage emarketing
  • Fully integrated marketing automation: web analytics, lead capture into CRM, email and PDF readership tracking, nurture marketing campaigns, etc. with SalesFusion or InboxGuru


Infor CRM adapts to the way you do business with one version of the truth

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