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Video Resources

Seeing is understanding! Take a look at our video resource library for information on all things CRM from selecting and implementing a well-used CRM system, CRM consulting education and strategy, and CRM software systems supported by Success with CRM.

CRM 101

How did this company get burned for $500,000 by a failed CRM implementation? Watch now to learn from their mistakes and understand how to implement your own CRM system successfully.

60-30-10 Rule

When selecting and implementing a CRM system, it's important to remember this simple rule: people, processes, THEN technology. Watch our video to learn the best recipe for combining these 3 essential components of a CRM implementation.

4 Ways CRM Transforms Sales

Here are 4 reasons a CRM will transform your sales process so your sales team can build stronger relationships, give your customers better service, and increase revenue by up to 41% per salesperson. Watch the video to learn more!

Introduction to accelerate business transformation

Every client relationship matters. No company should ever surrender its full potential to information chaos. Now you can truly know your customer with a central source of information at your fingertips. A successful CRM system leads to a bigger, better future.

Business Success with CRM Intro

Get experienced CRM strategy and business development tools with Success with CRM Consulting for Creatio low-code CRM, Infor CRM, Swiftpage Act! CRM. Amplify the attraction, retention, and customer experiences. We provide hands-on CRM Consulting to help small and mid-size businesses get more from their CRM.

Success with CRM Consulting & Value of CRM

Get to know Success with CRM Consulting and the value CRM provides to small and medium-sized professional service organizations. We co-design, implement, and support Creato low-code CRM, Infor CRM, and Swiftpage Act! solutions in the US and Canada.

Creatio Video Testimonial

Watch their video to learn how Creatio  brought People 2.0 into the 21st century and helped them grow how they wanted. 

Creatio Video Testimonial

Watch Health e(fx)'s story to learn how they brought their teams together in one system to accelerate sales and customer service.

Creatio Video Testimonial

Watch Namu Travel's video to hear how they achieved goals 15 years in the making because of Creatio low-code CRM.