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Business Process Consulting with CRM

Why business process management CRM?

  1. Adaptability for change with consistency of work
  2. Marketing, sales and service production are on a single platform
  3. Institutionalize best practices
  4. Provide repeatable processes to improve time and cost effectiveness
  5. Agility to change processes in CRM faster than ever
  6. One common user interface that increases user adoption and use
  7. Powerful business process management engine
  8. One of the most cost-effective CRM solutions
  9. Create deployment flexibility: cloud and on-premise deployments

Consider the value of a CRM solution based on the foundation of BPM- business process management + CRM.

Process automation leads to significant improvement with the business operations:
  • All employees follow the standards
  • Outcomes can be forecasted
  • Bottlenecks are easily fixed
  • Performance continuously improves


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Example of using Dynamic Case Management process for opportunity stages:

Opportunity-sales process next steps


Business process customer service - case diagnostic and resolution process:

Process-case diagnoistic and resolution-wide


Improve Your Business with BPM + CRM

Watch the video to learn how to streamline your business processes with bpm'online CRM by applying smart and simple tools for the entire cycle of process management: modeling, execution, and monitoring. Bpm'online CRM allows you to automate processes on the fly, what leads to significant improvements in business performance.
Bpm'online leverages its process management engine for full process creation, modification and execution of business processes on the fly.
Process Management cycle
Companies can benefit from  process automation features in a number of business areas.  Implementing processes at any complexity is as simple as modifying old ones or cloning a similar process.
process automation areas for bpm'online

Bpm'online is based on a business process management platform that uses two types of business processes: BPMN 2.0 and DCM (dynamic case management). The system provides a wide range of tools for designing, running and monitoring business processes.

Bpm'online is supplied with pre-configured out-of-the-box processes that represent the best global practices in marketing, sales and service. You can also add and configure your own processes to meet specific needs and requirements of your company.

The BPMN process designer enables you to create business processes of any complexity and structure with data and message streams. The DCM case designer is an easy-to-use tool for designing non-linear processes referred to as “cases”.



For more information contact Dick at:  Dick@SuccessWithCRM  269-445-3001

OR if using Infor CRM and need to implement business processes and work flow..  look here