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Business Process Consulting with CRM

Why business process management CRM?

  1. Adaptability for change with consistency of work
  2. Marketing, sales and service production are on a single platform
  3. Institutionalize best practices
  4. Provide repeatable processes to improve time and cost effectiveness
  5. Agility to change processes in CRM faster than ever
  6. One common user interface that increases user adoption and use
  7. Powerful business process management engine
  8. One of the most cost-effective CRM solutions
  9. Create deployment flexibility: cloud and on-premise deployments

Consider the value of a CRM solution based on the foundation of BPM- business process management + CRM.


Improve Your Business with BPM + CRM

TaskCentre for Infor CRM (Saleslogix) CRM


BPA (formally (TaskCentre) is a powerful suite of Business Process Automation (BPA) technologies that 'loosely couples' business applications enabling organizations to automate virtually any employee-driven business process.

BPA is used for helping companies automate manual processes in an effort to eliminate inefficiencies, and connect complimentary business software.

The BPA Suite leverages the powerful capabilities of Infor CRM (Saleslogix) to bring people, systems and information together within an organisation through the acquisition, manipulation, dissemination and integration of information; offering a generic approach to automated processes specifically designed to meet precise business requirements.

BPA for Saleslogix offers a unique state-of-the-art Business Process Management (BPM) Suite for the market leading Saleslogix solution; enabling organizations to cost effectively build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes.

Popular business processes CRM professionals have automated include:

• Event-Based E-mail/SMS Marketing Shots
• Sales Reports
• Literature Request Fulfilment Processes
• User E-mail Archiving
• Sales Representative Performance Reports
• Creation and Distribution of Welcome Packs 

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Hey Wake Up! Your business needs automated alerts, Now...

Examples of Use:

Advanced Business Alerts -> KPI's, fraud detection, critical failure points, workload exceptions, employee performance alerts and financial warnings

Workflow -> Increased credit limit acceptance, budget sign-off, production schedule approval and confirmed delivery receipt.

Document Automation -> Monthly statements, loading instructions, welcome packs, credit control letters and eod-of-the-line product specials.

Web Content Publishing -> Publishing of KPI's, drop history, current queue status, capacity levels and live customer account statements.

Subscriptions and Requests -> Balance inquires, news subscriptions, property details, stock levels and employee shortfalls.

Integrations -> Updated supplier contacts, self-service ticketing, automated unsubscribers, update name and address across multiple applications and refresh personnel details.

What is BPA (TaskCentre)?

Click on image to View a first-hand overview of the system:


BPA provides a highly configurable, easy to manage and fully automated email archiving mechanism for Infor CRM.

Click on the links below to view the videos on Automated Email Archiving:

  • Introduction - How the task is configured outside of TaskCentre allowing access to change how the ask works without having to access the TaskCentre server.
  • Solution Configuration -  How to configure a task outside of TaskCentre allowing access to change how the task works without having to access the TaskCentre server.
  • Archiving Emails - How to configure a task which archives an email.  We check to see if the contact is known to Saleslogix and depending on the configuration of the task, then archive the email accordingly.
  • Archiving Attachments - Using the configuration web page provides Saleslogix administrator with the ability to set various options.  Through one click they can choose to archive all emails, or refine their choice to either inboud and/or outbound.  Furthermore they can also choose to archive all associated attachments, or only attachments associated with inbound and/or outbound emails.


What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business Process Management in broad terms is the automation of those employee activities that cost the company valuable time and money. All businesses today are dependent on people extracting, formatting and distributing business information from business applications. Yet, people have physical limitations. They are prone to illness and unfortunately make mistakes.



Business Process Management technology is the IT industry's response to the problems created by employee-dependent applications. Directors, managers, suppliers and customers expect instant responses to real-time commercial interactions and business process management technology leverages all the organization's I.T. systems by creating a real-time, responsive infrastructure.

Common uses of Advanced Business Alerts:



Why are Organizations demanding BPA (Taskcentre)?

Organizations are demanding Orbis Software's Business Process Management (BPM) Suite, TaskCentre®, because of its proven ability to immediately reduce operational costs and substantially increase productivity. All company applications present the employee with an 'opportunity' to do something i.e. run a report, escalate an issue or produce and deliver compliance documents, but with TaskCentre® these procedures are dynamically triggered and achieved, without fail and to company rules or policies. Indeed, with customers expecting richer information, accountability becoming increasingly important and departmental workloads outstripping physical resources, companies are now strategically automating their critical business processes to increase productivity, save time and reduce costs.


The Power to Make It Happen

By leveraging data and functionality provided by existing applications, automated business processes can be created and implemented without having to alter the underlying configuration of a company’s applications or IT infrastructure. TaskCentre merely uses these applications as information services and workflow trigger points.

Automated Product Inquiry Management example:



Creating or re-creating an automated business process is achieved via any PC on which TaskCentre is installed through its intuitive and logical Graphical User Interface (GUI). This GUI enables an administrator to automate common employee-driven processes, such as creating and sending end-of-week sales reports, by simply dragging and dropping Tools into a sequence that emulates the employee process, i.e. Schedule Tool (EVENT), ODBC Tool (INPUT), Run Crystal Tool (FORMAT) and Send SMTP Tool (OUTPUT). 



Alternatively, discover more about the Business Process Management Solutions (WorkflowData Services & IntegrationDocument AutomationSubscriptions and RequestsWeb Content Publishing, and Advanced Business Alerts) that you can quickly and simply add to your application. 

Overview of TaskCentre and Infor CRM Integration

TaskCentre is 64-bit Windows based software, utilizing a true three-tier client server model over TCP/IP, with a multi-threaded server running as a Windows Service. The Client provides all administrative and Task design capabilities whilst the Server provides the client connectivity and manages the processing of Tasks.

There is also an end user client environment called "Mytaskcentre" on which employees can initiate, view and manage Workflow jobs



Components for Integration of TaskCentre and Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Integration


Exchange Integration - Learn how TaskCentre provides Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Integration

In this video learn the commercial benefits and common Microsoft Exchange integration scenarios that can be achieved by integrating Microsoft Exchange and Outlook with ERP, CRM, MRP or specialist bespoke business applications using TaskCentre.


Automated Support Tickets: Learn how to improve customer service

Automated Support Tickets: Learn how to improve customer service by automating your support ticket processes. Automating support ticket creation, notification, and closure processes removes support engineers from data entry and improves visibility of critical information.


Automated Email Archiving for Saleslogix - Archiving Attachments

A simple to use configuration web page provides Saleslogix administrators with the ability to set various options. Through one click they can choose to archive all emails, or refine their choice to either inbound and/or outbound. Furthermore they can also choose to archive all associated attachments, or only attachments associated with inbound and/or outbound emails.

A further enhancement of this task is to allow TaskCentre for Saleslogix to automatically archive email attachments based on their size. If the attachment is too large then an automated Workflow is created requesting approval to archive the attachment. Any attachments smaller than the defined size are archived automatically


For more information contact Dick at: 

Dick@SuccessWithCRM  269-445-3001

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Overview Presentations

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