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Watch this 12-minute tutorial to learn how to set up dashboards in Creatio CRM (formally bpm'online) system, analyze any kind of data and monitor your success. Customize your dashboards and get generate the reports you need. The tutorial explains how you can configure different types of dashboards and perform certain types of calculations that you need in your everyday routine.


The following shows examples of dashboards that are holistic to the business, and sales, service, and marketing specific.


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Holistic Business RelatedJust-what-I-wanted-CRM-1.png

Out of box dashboards to Jump-Start business analysis and better decision making

  • Campaign Totals
    • Total number of contacts in the system
    • Campaign participants
    • Campaigns started by month
    • Audience by months
    • Recently started campaigns
    • Upcoming bulk emails
    • Upcoming events
  • Current Status (cases)
    • Overdue cases
    • Number of active cases
    • Workload per support line
    • Scheduled vs actually resolved cases this week
    • Top services by active cases
  • Email totals
    • Sent, delivered, opens, clicks, soft bounce, hard bounce, unsubscribes
    • Upcoming bulk emails
    • Recent bulk emails completed
  • Event totals
    • Expected budget, actual cost, expected revenue
    • Upcoming events
    • Events by type
  • General Indicators
    • Cases by status
    • Cases by category
    • Cases by source
    • Scheduled vs Actually resolved cases
  • Half-yearAnalytic
    • Registered vs. closed cases
    • Overdue cases
    • Top services by incidents
    • Registered vs. closed problems by month
    • User satisfaction statistics
  • KPIs
    • Closed cases, rated closed cases, overdue closed cases
    • Average user rating
    • Average call time
  • Lead Totals
    • Lead pipeline
    • Leads by need maturing
    • Lead sources
  • Leaderboard
    • Top agents by closed cases
    • Top agents by user rating
    • Customer feedback
  • Leaders of the week
    • Top employees by user rating
    • Deadline compliance leaders
    • User Feedback
  • Licenses
    • Average contacts (Paid), average contact (used)
  • Monthly KPIs
    • Overdue response and overdue resolution
    • Number of registered cases rated close cases
  • Sales Pulse
    • New opportunities by category
    • Sales Pipeline for the date range
      • Number of opportunities
      • Stage Conversion Rate
      • Pipeline Conversion
    • Invoice payment dynamics
    • Pending payments this month
    • Top 5 unpaid invoices
  • Sales Rep Dashboard
    • Top 5 unpaid invoices and upcoming payments
    • Number of active opportunities and top 5 to close
    • Number of overdue tasks and my overdue tasks
    • Number of calls this month, meetings this month, opportunities by close this month
  • Top Performers
    • Top 5 sales reps by opportunity amount
    • Top 5 sales reps by number of calls
    • Top 5 sales reps by paid invoices
    • Top 5 sales reps by number of meeting
  • User Feedback
    • Customer satisfaction level dynamics
    • Average user rating


Accounts by type.png   Counts accounts large image.png



Marketing Related


Dashboard Lead totals.png



Marketing campaign channels.png


Campaign totals.png  


Dashboard email totals.png

Dashboard email totals 2.png

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Sales Related

Focus work on the better leads

Leads by need maturity.png

Select a date range and view great summaries of the sales pipeline


Sales pipeline comparison.png


Sales pipeline.png

Sales Pipeline -> Stage conversion rate:

Sales stage conversion rate.png

Sales Pipeline -> Pipeline conversion rate

Sales pipeline conversion.png

A set of analytics per Sales reps own Dashboard ...

Sales rep dashboard.png

Sales - my overdue tasks.png

Sales - top sales rep analytics.png

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Check on status of all customer service cases

Cases current status from section.png


Dashboard Cases customer service.png

Measure closed cased for the business or group of records you select:

KPI-Closed cases.png

Observe trends over time

 Cases - timeline.png



Measure how the support team is doing:   Top agents by user rating or top agents by number of closed cases

Agents with top satisfaction.png  

Closed cases leader board.png











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