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Creatio-  What is New & Valuable

Current Version: 8.02 major update/service update 02, Aug. 2022 - more here.

Video of November 2020 Creatio Major Release 7.17:

Summary of what's new with version 7.16 Spring/Summer 2020

Summary of what's new with version 7.15 Fall 2019

Summary of what's new with version 7.13 Fall 2018

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Video: Creatio (formerly bpm' online) CRM 7.12 Introduction April 2018 Webinar

Key points
0:43 - Marketing Changes
11:23 - Sales Changes
13:23 - Service Changes
16:06 -Timeline Tab
19:47 -Export to Excel
22:11 -Preferred Language in Contacts
23:57 -Dashboard List Changes
27:11 -Predictive Scoring of Leads
29:25 -Shared Mailboxes
32:49 -Business Process Changes
36:38 -Section Wizard Changes

What's new and valuable - blog article


Video: Creatio CRM 7.10 Introduction Webinar (formerly bpm' online)

Version 7.10 feature overview: explore case management in any section, new data enrichment from email, dive into the brand-new "business rules" feature that brings the power of low-code customization

Key points

00:00 -    Intro
3:21   -     Working with emails
11:33 -     Email signature setup
12:31 -     Customers' database management tools
15:26 -     Case management for all sections
24:55 -     New "Send Email" Business Process element
40:44 -     Business Process version management
47:04 -     Business rules introduction
1:01:44  - Package installation
1:14:07 -  New "Employees" section


Summary of the new key capabilities in Creatio version 7.10 and 7.10.1

  • Customers database management tools
    • Creatio can now enrich contact information using data from incoming emails. The new feature helps keeping your contact information up to date and enables adding new contacts to your database with just a few clicks. Creatio automatically searches text of incoming emails for any new information. If such information has been found, you can choose whether to update an existing contact profile or create a new contact.
    • When enriching data from emails, you can now select a contact whose data will be enriched. This way you can also add new contacts.
    • Email data enrichment now uses information from the signatures of all contacts in a thread instead of using only the last contact.
    • You can now quickly enrich a contact profile from email by clicking the btn_contact_data_enrichment.png button on the contact page. The button is available in the contact profile if the contact’s emails have information that can be used for enrichment.

bpmonline contact data minning

  • Working with emails
    • A new visual friendly, indicator showing the number new synchronized emails in communications panel on right
    • Options to create a new contact or enrich an existing contact from a new email when the email address is not found in Creatio.
      • This uses the new 'text mining technology' that takes the senders signature and parses out information to build new contact record.
      • Suggested options are provided such as linking to an existing account, update phone numbers, etc.  
      • Helpful for service customer representatives and sales people in managing email communications to update contact information 
    • You can now set up email signatures in your mailbox settings. You can format text and add images to your signature. The system will automatically add the signature when you send emails from the action panel or communication panel. 

Enrich contact from email.png


  • Filters and folders
    • The folders that have been added to favorites are now sorted alphabetically.
    • Now within 'quick filters'  if a lookup column is used, the drop down list of options is automatically displayed.  No need to use wildcard character, %.
    • In advanced mode filter:
      • easily enable or disable a condition, And/Or, equals or not equals, contains/does not contain, etc
      • a vertical bar is now accessible to expand or shrink the filter area to left of filter results list.
  • Dynamic Case management (DCM)
    • Helpful improvement to define a set of activities per different stages in a process like project work, contract management, etc.
    • You can now create cases in all system sections, including new custom sections.
    • Cases can now be managed in the section wizard. A new section wizard step enables you to view the list of cases for the current section and set up the case parameters.
    • You can activate or deactivate cases, set up case launch conditions, and add new cases.
    • Multiple cases can now be set up in a section. The applicable case is determined by the value in one of the section’s columns. For example, different DCM cases can be run for opportunities of different categories.
    • You can now specify sequence of steps for a case stage: immediately after changing the stage, or after certain other steps have been complete
    • When using the "TO:" parameter for and email activity, beside entering a static email address you can select a contact or account, using that default records' email address.
    • Email content designer can use process parameters so you can extract other fields such as a contract number, contract owner, name and surname, etc.
  • Business process version management
    • BPMN business processes now support different versions of the same process.
      •  You can now create a new version of an existing business process.
      •  When saving a business process, you can now choose to save changes as a new version of the process or modify the current version. 
      • You can easily switch between different business process versions. Choose which of the existing process versions will take effect for the users at any time.   
      • All launched processes will keep running according to the schema version they were launched with.
  • Business rules
    • Less need for developer skills in creating business rules. A user with proper permissions can setup business rules
    • You can now set up business rules for any fields in the system. The section wizard now has a new “Business rules” step, where you can set up the following business rules:
      • Make fields required under specific conditions.
      • Display or hide fields under specific conditions.
      • Make fields editable or locked under specific conditions.
      • Filter values in lookup fields under specific conditions.
    • All existing hard-coded business rules will be converted automatically to the new user-customizable format.
  • Package installation
    • Easy user-friendly tool to install a custom package without need of cloud support or developers.
    • New tool to extract a package from an existing configuration for archive or use in a different Creatio system
  • "Employees" section
    • A new [Employees] section where you can maintain comprehensive information about the employee’s career movements within the company, probation period data, and reason for career changes; create employee on-boarding plans and other HR activities
    • Employees are created based on contacts via a pop-up summary or a record edit page.
    • The employee page contains all relevant information from the corresponding contact record, such as communication options, addresses, noteworthy events and career information.
    • If an employee is also one of the Creatio users, the employee page will contain information on the employee’s access permissions, organizational and functional roles and user activity log.
    • The dashboards in the [Employees] section show dynamics of hiring and dismissal of employees, reasons for leaving the company and other information for HR analysis.

 Employee page new 7.10.png

Summary by Workplace or module

Mobile application

  • Mobile app users can now view the [Dashboards] section. The analytics are displayed in the mobile app when the Internet connection is available regardless of the application mode (offline or online).

bpmonline mobile 7.10 on iPad.gif


User experience

  • You can now enter time values in “time” and “date and time” fields without using delimiters, such as “:”.

  • Summaries (number of records, amount, minimum, maximum and average values) in section lists are now updated each time a record is added or deleted, without the need to re-load the entire section page. This includes adding records via pop-up summaries.

  • Addresses on the map are more precise now, even if identical street names exist in the region. ZIP/postal codes are now taken into account when searching addresses on the map.

  • If you copy an activity and change its assignee, the previous assignee is now deleted from the [Participants] detail.

  • Dashboard filter setup has been improved. Now, you can disable a dashboard filter without modifying it in the dashboard settings.

  • You can now open a custom section’s record pages by clicking links in “List” dashboards.


Phone integration and managing communications

  • Fixed the issue with identifying the direction of emails (incoming/outgoing). Previously, if the [From] field was left empty in the [Send email] process element settings, the outgoing emails sent by that element would display as incoming emails.

  • Fixed an error that caused email signature images not to display for certain users.

  • The list of emails displayed on the [Email] tab of the communication panel has been improved. Previously, email previews could include parts of HTML markup.


Google calendar synchronization

  • We have improved the synchronization of “Whole day” meetings with Google. These activities are displayed as dates in the Google calendar, without specific start and end time. This cased the synchronized Creatio activities to display incorrectly. Now correct start and end time is displayed for these activities in Creatio.


Pharma and Field sales

A new [Cyclic tasks] section automates planning of visits to physicians, pharmacies (Pharma) and accounts (Field sales). New features are:

  • A cyclic task calculation action is now available on the cyclic task page, enabling you to calculate the number of available visits.

  • You can now maintain a separate work hour calendar for the system users. Creatio Pharma additionally features physician calendars.

  • Creatio automatically plans visits according to the calendars of physicians and pharmacy reps (Pharma) and sales reps (Field sales).

  • If a manually created activity matches the parameters of a cyclic task, it will be automatically linked to that task


Creatio service

  • The text of automatic case notifications is now displayed in paragraphs.   

  • You can now immediately close reopened cases after receiving confirmation from the customer. If the case is not evaluated yet, the customer will receive the evaluation survey email.  

  • Customers are now able to add detailed case feedback on the customer portal. The customers will know that their feedback is heard, while the help desk employees will be able to identify problem cases and use the feedback to improve the service process. To leave case feedback, customers need to click the complaint button and enter their feedback in the opened window. You can toggle this function on and off. 

  • Creatio now checks for employees' emails sent to the support mailbox. Such emails are flagged as outgoing upon synchronization of personal mailboxes of the support staff. Cases are now created based on all emails sent to the support service, regardless of whether the emails are synchronized or not.

  • The text in the [Description] field of cases created based on emails is now split into paragraphs.

  • Now you can set up a delay before sending automatic case notifications. This will enable you to send feedback forms to the customers after they had a chance to try the case solution.    

  • When creating cases based on the incoming emails, you can now enable automatic adding of new contacts if the case contact could not be found in the system. A new system setting enables toggling this function on and off.  

  • The new field for entering case solutions has been added in Creatio customer center.  

  • Customer feedback received from the customer portal now affects case status. If a customer leaves negative feedback, the case will reopen automatically. If the customer leaves positive feedback, the case is automatically closed. 

  • All recipients of the original case email now receive same notifications as the case contact. This way everyone involved in the case resolution will stay up to date with all developments.

  • Case notifications now include the subject from the original email. This lets the customers track email history of their cases. If a case has been created from a call, then the [Subject] field of notifications will contain the subject from the email template.

  • Support service is now specified as the sender of emails sent from the case page.

• By default, the [From] field contains the support service mailbox where the customer’s email was originally sent.

• If a case was not registered based in an email, then the [From] field will contain the email specified as the default help-desk mailbox in the system settings


Base Interface: New Global search

  • Creatio searches in all sections, without the need to select a section before searching.

  • Creatio searches in all fields (i.e., not only by account name, but also by its alternative names).

  • The command (help) line will also search in the custom sections and lookup fields.

  • Accounts and contacts are searched by their additional communication options, addresses and banking details.

  • You can also look for file attachments and links by using their names or notes as you search.

  • The global search feature will take morphology and typos into account (English version only).

  • To run a global search, all you need to do is enter the searched text. All matching data will show up in the search results. Forget about adding the “%” character to your strings! For better results, enter several words that might be relevant to your search, for example: “James Rodrick CEO Axiom”.

  • Searched text is highlighted in the search results.

  • The search results are sorted by their relevancy. If the global search is run from a section, the list of search results will show that section’s results first and then the other results. For example, if you search something from the [Contacts] section, all found contacts will be at the top of the search results list.

 Global Search bpmonline 7.10.png

Development tools

  • In the file system development mode, you can now use all the built-in customization and development tools (wizards, designers, publication of objects, administration, etc.). The modified source code in the file system is updated automatically. This will significantly simplify and speed up the development process.

  • The ability to unload packages through the application interface was implemented. This will allow you to receive archives with packages for installation to another site, without the use of console utilities. Select the "Download packages to archive" action from the context menu of the package and the browser will download the ZIP-archive with the selected packages.

  • The work of the import-export mechanism for schemes with selected source codes was fixed.

  • A new version of the DevExpress report designer for Creatio has been released. Starting with version 7.10.2, all previous versions of the designer will not be supported. If you use the DevExpress report designer for Creatio, we recommend you to update it now. The new version can be found here.

  • If a section was modified in several packages, the changes from all packages will be available when working with the section in the Section Wizard. Previously, fields and details created in such sections were not displayed in the Section Wizard.

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