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Bpm'online   Sales

Bpm’online sales is a cloud based CRM that drives efficient sales processes and enables total control over the complete customer journey - from lead generation to loyal repeat sales. Employ out-of-the-box processes to manage the entire sales cycle!

You'll can be confident that you are marking a smart choice from a industry recognized leader in CRM.  Bpm'online is recognized in:

  • Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the Sales Force Automation
  • Gartner's Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management
  • Sales Technology 2017 Report

Read more, where 3 top analysts' reports that provide deeper insight into the market dynamics for sales and marketing technologies.


Out-of-the-box Operational Processes....Sales components.png

Bpm'online sales includes referenced processes that serve as best practices for lead management, opportunity management, quote management, as well as order and invoice management.  Following pre-defined processes make it easy for companies to jump start the system adoption and bring industry best practices to their work.  Thousands of bpm'online sales users prove that blueprint processes guarantee excellent results!

A complete view of the customer journey

Bpm'online sales delivers end-to-end sales processes to management the complete customer journey - from lead to order, and continued account maintenance. Best-in-class technology enables the system to connect the dots between marketing, sales and customer service, allowing companies to effectively manage every stage of the customer interactions


Easily identify the historical timeline of activity for any organization account:

Account history timeline bpmonline CRM

Engaging interface that users love

Bpm'online interface has a social look and feel, which makes it quick to learn and easy to navigate. Users love the elegant design that is free from redundant information which keeps them focused on what is relevant.  The system provides a consistent user experience no matter what device you use: phone, tablet, desktop or laptop

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The cutting-edge sales force automation product

Bpm'online sales is cutting-edge end-to-end sales cycle management software which drives customer acquisition, development and retention.  Take advantage of the ready-to-go sales processes that guide you through the most effective actions the make the most of your sales pipeline, minimizing missteps and boosting results.


Discover features the system offers to help you sell more and stay ahead of the competition:

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Detailed look at key features

Industry recognized over multiple years and for the multiple modules    

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Pricing by edition

Latest bpm'online Sales Pricing......            Bundled Pricing Calculator

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Sales Feature comparison by edition

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 Detailed look at key features


Bpm'online is a process-driven CRM for marketing, sales, and service automation. The solution allows companies to manage the complete customer lifecycle – from lead to sales and to ongoing customer service. The solution gives users the ability to align marketing, sales and service activities on one single CRM platform.


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