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Getting Started and Up to Speed to Increase ROI

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Create an efficient Creatio implementation plan based on your business goals and requirements. All steps include free articles and video tutorials to get you up and running faster!

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When ready, give us a phone call (269.445.3001) or email Dick Wooden for comprehensive Getting Started app with relevant articles and video tutorials based on your business goals.


What's Next for your CRM Journey...

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  1. You have lived through the issues and critical mistakes that CRM can help solve or even eliminate.

  2. You have seen how your role can benefit from a CRM system and the business drivers CRM addresses.

  3. You understand the importance of People First, Processes second and Technology third. 

  4. You know & practice the 7 Principles and related actions in building customer loyalty.

  5. You have considered the tangible and intangible benefits derived from implementing a CRM initiative.

  6. You reviewed the Importance of a Customer-Centric Strategy and know the value of the appreciating asset from CRM system, processes and technology.

  7. You have learned solutions we have implemented to work the way they need to for client's businesses.

  8. You have learned about the 20 warning signs our business needs a CRM system or if your business is past due for CRM.

  9. You have checked off the 18 requirements for Success with CRM.

  10. You have reviewed the factors affecting CRM Pricing and Implementation.

  11. You have seen what a top quality CRM  or  contact management software solution looks.

  12. You have heard the reasons to believe from our clients...Just-what-I-wanted-CRM.png

  13. You have looked at the characteristics of a Well-Used CRM system.

  14. How to Choose CRM Software - Starting Point Guidelines

  15. Understand  more about us as a business coach & trusted adviser

Getting it all Right - You have a Helpful Resource to Talk to

Reduce the inherent risks of doing this alone. Gain benefits from Success with CRM professionals with CRM success-minded implementations and strong entrepreneurial backgrounds.


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So let's start a valuable discussion on moving your organization forward with business success from CRM.

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