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How to be Successful with CRM - People First

Organizations rarely go it alone with implementing a successful Customer Relationship Management strategy and its supporting strategy. There's so much to consider: business strategies, people issues, technology, operational processes, change management issues, and more.

A core tenet of CRM is customer centricity and having this instilled in our business culture leads to success. Also getting the right mix of people, process and technology leads to long term success.

People are responsible for 60% of business success with CRM, processes at 30% and technology at only 10%.  Learn more about People First CRM, here.

Our 18 requirements for success highlights lessons learned and how to obtain Success with CRM.

We work closely with our clients early on in the discovery and diagnosis as we collaboratively design the solution specific to their business.  

People and CRM - Download Now

Ask yourself:

  • Who's been involved. Have you involved others and received input from actual end users, managers, sales force, customer service representatives, your distributors?
  • Do you need to discover more of what is possible?
  • What are your desired objectives, outcomes and expectations?
  • Is your business culture customer- centric and has the value to the customer been defined?
  • Do you have defined processes that need to be reviewed and revised? Don't automate the cow path!
  • Have you performed a business needs analysis? 
  • Have you considered all the ‘touches” your staff and the various departments have with a prospect or customer?

Next Forward Step Options:

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Download ebook:  Make CRM Stick - how to succeed where others fail with CRM


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