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eBook: Make CRM Stick

8 Ways to Increase CRM Adoption in Your Organization

Make CRM Stick eBookWhy spend money on robust tools to keep your sales, marketing, and support teams performing at optimal performance levels if they’ll never bother to use them?

It’s key to answer this question when investigating which CRM solution is right for you. After all, having the right solution in place will play a major role in a successful implementation, strong user adoption, and ROI that meets or exceeds your goals.

To assist you in your examination, and to help you succeed where others fail with CRM, we present Make CRM Stick – Eight ways to increase CRM adoption in your organization.

In this eBook, we share eight key points you need to consider for CRM success. You'll learn how to:

  • Succeed where others fail with CRM.
  • Create a solid implementation plan.
  • Choose a highly flexible solution.
  • Choose a CRM system that’s easy to personalize.
  • Use email to your advantage.
  • Select a system with social media capabilities.
  • Go live with CRM—and not look back.
  • Choose wisely to succeed.

Are you on the path to CRM success? Infor CRM is here to help you make the right CRM decision.

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