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Maximize Your Sales Step-by-Step with an ACT Certified CRM Consultant


Our ACT! certified consultants work with you to get the most out of the ACT CRM based on your specific business needs. Increase sales, conversions, and maximize ROI from your prospects by implementing customized ACT integrations and marketing automation.  

  • Manage contacts and opportunities
  • Seamlessly integrate with Outlook
  • Maximize leads by increasing closing rates
  • Search and segment prospects
  • Customize communication with prospects
  • Engage with the best prospects first



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What clients are saying:

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"Julie guided our upgrade of ACT. This is critical to our operation. She effectively organized, prepared us, helped us know in advance what we needed to have ready, and then lead us through the complex upgrade.

She was professional, respectful, timely, and thorough. She made sure all aspects of the new upgrade worked in our system, and did some training. She was flexible to permit us to reserve some additional prepaid training for a later time after we had worked with the new upgrade. I am very happy with the experience and recommend Julie to you."

Gary Brunson, CEO
Clear Focus LLC/TABNCI
Elkhart, IN



ACT CRM Consulting Services

Does your business need a system to manage calendars and tasks that fuel growth? With ACT CRM, businesses enjoy having all of these things in one system, which allows all areas of the business to communicate efficiently.

Gain efficiency where it matters most with ACT CRM

Using ACT as a central repository for all customer data, finding the right information quickly is allows users to find what they need exactly when they need it.

Built in marketing energizes business growth

Using a vast library of ready-made email templates, users are able to utilize built in marketing automation features to nurture leads, market to prospects, run promotions, and more. With proper CRM implementation, businesses are able to focus on results and increasing the bottom line for the business. This is exactly what our ACT CRM consultants help businesses everywhere achieve.

Gain valuable insight to pertinent information from incredibly powerful reporting and pipeline management capabilities.

What can our ACT CRM consultants do for you?

  • Provide contact and customer management for individuals, small businesses, sales departments, and more
  • Provide multiple options for use on desktop, mobile, web applications, and more.
  • Access to valuable feature enhancements with ACT CRM
  • Get expert training, support, and consulting
  • Powerful Windows, Google, and Outlook integrations
  • Utilize free email marketing features included in ACT’s powerful system
  • Customize the software based on business type and size

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