Infor CRM Quick Start Guide

The following resources on our web site will help you better understand the capabilities for business improvement with the successful foundation of a CRM - customer relationship and management system. Of course you can always give us a phone call  (269-445-3001) or shoot us an email if you have questions.

Business success with CRM does take work as any valuable improvement requires so please consider our firm your guide and trusted resource for getting to your desired results:

Infor CRM was formally the SwiftPage/Sage Saleslogix CRM system, prior to 2015.

Current version of Infor CloudSuite (Infor CRM) is  Nov. 2019


Getting Started Navigation - What's Next for your CRM Journey (found here)

This page summarizes 12 key resource links to help guide you on this Discovery Journey,   From issues, roles, opportunities, CRM value, customer centricity, warning signs, success requirements, what top CRM solutions provide, factors to consider in Pricing and reasons to believe.


Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and Act! Just work (found here)

This page covers a comparision of the SwiftPage Act! contact and customer management system to the Infor full CRM- customer relationship and management system.


Frequently Asked Questions about Infor CRM (found here)

Common and some uncommon questions are anwsered here.  Let us know if you have others to add.


Infor CRM video tours for a CRM overview (found here)

For those of you who live to see who, what, when, where, why and How, this is the place to start. Also check out the no obligation test drives where you can login into a live Web or Mobile version of Infor CRM.


Additional Capabilities for extending Reach and value of CRM

Infor CRM Xbar for Outlook - use CRM within your Outlook application

Stay top of mind, identify what marketing content matters and know who is reading your messages with eMarketing for Infor CRM.

Bring your CRM data to life so better decisions can be made with Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics

Use guided selling for quoting:  configure, price and quote with SmartCatalog

Automate workflow, perform data intergration and other business process improvement with TaskCentre.


Get up to speed on what is found in the latest versions:

Newest for Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Windows, Web and Cloud

Newest for Infor CRM (Saleslogix) mobile


Related topics such as implementation options, deployment, success stories, How to buy, educational training and a variety of blog articles about success with Saleslogix can be found from the right hand panel on Infor CRM pages:




Getting Started Navigation

What's Next for your CRM Journey...