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Increase Sales Effectiveness - eMarketing to the Aid

E-Marketing for Infor CRM

E-marketing is an integrated, on-demand service that extends the marketing automation capabilities of Infor CRM (Saleslogix), enabling you to quickly and effectively reach out to your contacts, qualify and nurture leads, and grow your customer base.

You can create and execute impactful e-mail campaigns and view history, interactions, and results - all within Infor CRM.

UPDATE: Refer to Swiftpage InboxGuru marketing automation

Make your sales professional HAPPY !

Your sales people will enjoy having ways to know who is most interested NOW and what has recently been catching their eye.




After each eMarketing event occurs the scores of your most interested contacts become apparent.


Within the Call list, a user has the ability to filter the list. The filter options are listed below:

Emails sent by - which allows the user to gather results based on which SalesLogix user sent the email.

By Status - there are multiple options for filtering by status. These options are as follows: bounced, clicked, duplicate, failed, invalid opened, opted-out, suppressed, and unopened. This allows a SalesLogix user to easily create a call list based on the data within SalesLogix.

Assigned To - will generate a call list based on which SalesLogix user a contact is assigned to.

Score update within last __ days - this filter allows the user to create a call list based on the score of a contact that had been updated within the selected time frame.

By Score - will create a call list based on the scores of a contact within an email blast or Drip Marketing campaign.



It's All About RESULTS and Next Actions

Once the e-marketing campaign has been sent and results are being returned you can easily view a dynamic report of the campaign's responses:





Features and Benefits

SEND professional, eye-catching emails.

Create professional, eye-catching emails from one of the many impactful templates available. Easily customize your emails with your business's color scheme and logo, then use the design to develop landing pages for easy execution of cohesive, integrated marketing campaigns.

When your campaigns are completed, send emails directly from your ACT! database to any combination of contacts, lookups, groups, and companies.  Vastly expand your audience using social sharing features and automatically post your email to your Facebook®, Twitter®, and LinkedIn® pages. Ask your recipients to help spread your message to their social networks by adding social media sharing to your email footer.


GROW your contact list.

Surveys and web forms can automatically gather info about your contacts and help you get new contacts. Because E-Marketing for Saleslogix seamlessly integrates with Saleslogix, it makes growing your contact list easy.

Surveys can help you better understand your customers and collect info like email addresses, preferences, customer satisfaction, phone numbers, and event registrations. Simply include a survey link within your emails and ask your customers to add their information, then pick the fields you want added to Saleslogix and watch the information funnel back into your Saleslogix database. This valuable information will help you better understand and reach your contacts.

Web forms also help you gain valuable information. Visitors to your website can fill out a E-marketing for Saleslogix embedded web form to request more information and you can obtain their contact information. These sign-up details can be transferred into Saleslogix and a new contact is created. 

MEASURE the effectiveness of your emails.

Find out exactly what happened after your email was sent, including open rates, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, and more in easy-to-analyze graphs and detailed reports. Use learnings to continuously hone your messages. These results can also be recorded in Saleslogix history so you can make sure future communications reach the right people. 

FOCUS on the hottest sales leads.

Save time meticulously analyzing your reports and instead zero in on the hottest leads with the E-marketing for Saleslogix call list. As your contacts open and click on your emails, E-marketing for Saleslogix! assigns a score to each contact based on the actions they took with those emails. You can see a ranked, qualified list of who you should follow up with first—viewable right from the contact record in Saleslogix.

NURTURE prospects with Drip Marketing.

Reach the right people at the right time with Drip Marketing1 campaigns. Drip Marketing uses smart technology to send targeted messages to your contacts based on how they’ve responded to previous emails according to your records in Saleslogix. Simply set up a series of messages so they receive only timely and relevant communications. Each campaign can include a variety of communication types from email to telemarketing, and postcard stages. Saleslogix lets you easily load contacts into your Drip Marketing campaign or sync to an existing group, or even add contacts automatically to a campaign after they complete a survey. 

Marketing Campaigns That Drive Results

Target and Segment Profitable Prospects & Customers

Use Saleslogix filters and group capabilities to organize campaign targets, e.g., prospects who responded to a recent survey, customers that purchased products in the last six months, etc.

Sophisticated, High-impact Designs

Select from over 130 templates that cover all of your communication needs from newsletters, e-mails, and product announcements to occasions cards and press releases.

Customize the provided pre-built templates with your logo, images, and copy -- creating professional, dynamic e-mails that engage your customers and prospects.

Design and upload your own templates if you prefer, using your favorite design software.

Flexible & Fast Send Options

Preview communications before you send them out.

Send e-mails in an instant or schedule them to send at a later date.

Send e-mails on behalf of other employees, such as account managers - so they have more time to sell and you can ensure the correct branding, pricing, and messaging are communicated. 

Everybody's in the Know

View campaign details with Sage SalesLogix, like which campaigns were sent, open and click rates, and status (opened or unopened) to facilitate more thoughtful conservations.

Contact Us for more information and how this tool can benefit your electronic marketing plan for staying "Top of Mind".


If you are looking to increase the success of your email marketing campaigns,call us at 1-269-445-3001 to discuss how Saleslogix e-Marketing can keep your company top of mind.