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Increase Sales Effectiveness - eMarketing to the Aid

E-Marketing for Infor CRM

E-marketing is an integrated, on-demand service that extends the marketing automation capabilities of Infor CRM (Saleslogix), enabling you to quickly and effectively reach out to your contacts, qualify and nurture leads, and grow your customer base.

You can create and execute impactful e-mail campaigns and view history, interactions, and results - all within Infor CRM.

UPDATE: Refer to Swiftpage InboxGuru marketing automation

Make your sales professional HAPPY !


Within the Call list, a user has the ability to filter the list. The filter options are listed below:

Emails sent by - which allows the user to gather results based on which SalesLogix user sent the email.

By Status - there are multiple options for filtering by status. These options are as follows: bounced, clicked, duplicate, failed, invalid opened, opted-out, suppressed, and unopened. This allows a SalesLogix user to easily create a call list based on the data within SalesLogix.

Assigned To - will generate a call list based on which SalesLogix user a contact is assigned to.

Score update within last __ days - this filter allows the user to create a call list based on the score of a contact that had been updated within the selected time frame.

By Score - will create a call list based on the scores of a contact within an email blast or Drip Marketing campaign.