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ACT! vs. Infor Comparision - Which CRM is Right For Your Business?


Decide when is the Right Time to Upgrade


Chances are, if your company has outgrown your current CRM, you already have a sneaking suspicion about it. If you have been using ACT!,and you suspect that it might not be meeting your organization’s needs, read on to learn about the warning signs that it’s time to upgrade.

Ask yourself:

Is lead qualification, tracking and management important?

Is customer service and support crucial?

Do you need to integrate your product catalog into your CRM?

Do you need greater ability to tailor the way you do business?




Learn the warning signs that it’s time to upgrade

There are several ‘red flags’ that will appear when it’s time to upgrade your CRM.

  • Are your new employees asking for a better CRM system?
  • Have you become aware that your competition has a better system in place?
  • Are your trusted advisors or consultants telling you that it’s time?

In many cases, new sales staff members will have experience with a sophisticated CRM system and will come to your organization with high expectations. If your staff or circle of advisors have noticed deficiencies in your current CRM, then it might be time to upgrade.

Is customer service and support crucial for your business?

As your business grows, you may find that your company’s needs are outgrowing the capabilities of Act! You need to evolve to keep up with the demands of the marketplace and your customers.

For example, you may need a better way to manage work flows and customer issues/resolutions by your customer service and support. On the marketing and sales front, you need to change the way you deal with lead scoring, sales opportunities, up-selling, cross-selling and marketing efforts.

If you are a fan of Act!, you’ll be thrilled to find out that you can move up to a more capable Infor CRM because of similar design and user interfaces.  Infor CRM (Saleslogix) is the next logical step for a business that has outgrown Act!.

Plus you’ll have the collaboration, hand-holding and support by experienced Success with CRM Consulting staff

Do you need to integrate your product catalog into your CRM?

  • With Infor CRM, you can integrate your product catalog with opportunities and service tickets
  • Track your customer’s s purchased products and services
  • Multi-level product pricing is also available

Your sales staff will be more effective, if they have the tools they need right at their fingertips. If you have your entire product catalog available within the CRM, your staff will have the ability to upsell or cross-sell with ease. Infor CRM is infinitely customizable, which allows you to integrate your entire product catalog including, packages and multi-level pricing.

In addition, you can integrate other important information, such as:

  • Sales history
  • Open and historic quotes and proposals
  • Communication threads
  • Social media posts and links
  • Accounts receivable aging and terms

All of this information and more is stored in one, centralized database so that you can have a complete view of all customer interactions from lead, to sales, to customer service and support. Plus, all this data can be viewed in visual formats, allowing decision makers to identify patterns and trends.

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With Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix), connecting with your customers is easy, engaging, and affordable. From tracking prospect calls and meetings, to updating sales forecasts, it's all readily available for you and your team - both in the office and in the field.

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With a variety of solutions designed for individuals, small groups and large organizations, Act! is has a program no matter the size of your business. Let us help find the right one for you!

Partnering with Success with CRM and Act! will help you to see the full picture. View all relationship interactions and communication history for your system and everyone you do business with.

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