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Migrate ACT data to Infor CRM (Saleslogix) with Confidence

Outgrown Act and need an effective data migration to a more complete CRM? So you have come to a conclusion that your trusted ...
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Keep You Business Edge - Evolving Your ACT! CRM to Saleslogix

When you business demands more functionality than Act! to keep your edge, Saleslogix is your next logical step.   It's CRM ...
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When you need more functionality than Act!, Saleslogix steps in!

Act! contact manager evolved with Saleslogix CRM When your business is growing it doesn't need not slow down with Act! contact ...
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Saleslogix 8.1 - Now more BANG for the Bucks!

As business solutions provider for SMBs (small medium businesses) has been exciting to see the continuous qualify to useful ...
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Factors to consider when upgrading ACT! to Saleslogix

What should you expect if you decide to upgrade your existing ACT! contact management software to an installation of ...
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Summary Comparison - Subscription vs License for your CRM Solution?

Cloud Subscription comparison to Capital Purchase of CRM: The selection of a CRM system is key to the success in the business ...
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Pricing the ACT! and SalesLogix CRM options for your business

Pricing of Subscription or software capital purchase:  A key concern when considering implementing a CRM system relates to ...
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8 Signs You Need SalesLogix CRM Instead of ACT! contact management

Analyzing improvements in your customer and business development systems needs to occur at different points in the growth of ...
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Effective CRM Closes the Sales Frustration Gap

Start by getting into a Positive Frame of Mind I remember hearing Larry, a business development manager, talk about the ...
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Next Logical Step as Your Business Grows and Changes-Infor CRM/Saleslogix

Congratulations on your current business success so far... Whether you have been using Sage ACT! or another contact ...
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Comparing ACT! and Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Contact Management and Full Customer Relationship Management Comparison ACT! is one of the most well-known names in contact ...
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Why Choose When You Don’t Have To?

SaaS or on-premise CRM? You no longer have to choose. When working with a prospect CRM buyer, we are asked does your solutions ...
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