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Power to Resolve - Getting Success with CRM for Your Business

It takes resolve to get the desired success from CRM or any other change initiative "The challenges companies experience ...
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Anatomy of a Successful Sales and Buyer Process...

What makes up a successful sales and buyer process? The next time you get discouraged because a client says he's “not ready” ...
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Leveraging CRM for Mid-Size Company Growth

Successful Growth Requirement There comes a time when a business has to move beyond the multiple spreadsheet and Microsoft ...
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Humanizing your approach - Are you People-Centered?

"People-centered is not the same thing as being a people person." states Dr. Frank I. Lutz, author of "Win - the Key ...
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Tips from the Top - Sharing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

As a strategic business coach for TAB, The Alternative Board, and as a TAB member I obtain a monthly newsletter called Tips from ...
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Search history: "Googlize" within SalesLogix CRM

More Effective Searching -what worked when More effective searching is what we all do when we are trying to get work ...
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2013 Trends in Customer Retention Programs

Consistency requires a systematic approach Well developed customer retention strategy as a component of CRM will help any ...
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Benefits of Effective CRM - a B2B Client Perspective

Client states significant business benefits which accrue from effective, integrated CRM We love it when B2B clients come up ...
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Stop flip-flopping between Outlook and Sage SalesLogix

Gain complete access to your CRM data directly within your Outlook. Many CRM users still rely heavily on their Microsoft Outlook ...
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Create Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Sage SalesLogix E-marketing gives your business CRM users the ability to reach out to their contacts, grow their database, ...
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Increase Sales Effectiveness - Sage SalesLogix E-Marketing

Get to know your current and perspective clients better with the help of integrated technology as a powerful solution for ...
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The Right People? The Right Seats?

The importance of people in strategic places is ever more critical today.  
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