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How to Take the Scariness out of That Big Decision

The unknown is scary, isn’t it? What’s hiding in the dark that we can’t see? Will a skeleton jump out and do us in?  Where can ...
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CRM Initiative Success: Executive Support and Beyond

Knowing the factors making a CRM initiative successful Did you know that up to 90% of a CRM initiative’s success has nothing ...
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Get a CRM that's BIG enough for your business

The most common reason that clients come to us is to have a more capable, well-used CRM system that  works purposely for their ...
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Key warning signs you really don't know your customer!

Now let's be real here and take a bigger perspective of your company's  knowledge of its customers.   We often find that when ...
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Keep You Business Edge - Evolving Your ACT! CRM to Saleslogix

When you business demands more functionality than Act! to keep your edge, Saleslogix is your next logical step.   It's CRM ...
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Better Decisions - Productivity Analysis with Saleslogix

Productivity is about saving TIME. Save time in gathering information, save time in making smart decisions, save time from ...
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Better Decisions - More Agility - Sage SalesLogix Business Analytics

We often "hear" the unspoken request of the desire of business owners, sales professionals and customer service representatives ...
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Make Your Business Work Smarter - Your Next step.

Are you wondering what to do next? In this series, Make your business smarter - with a CRM Foundation, we are focusing on a ...
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Make Your Business Work Smarter #4 - Sales & Service to Next Level

What do you need to take your business to the next level of sales performance and customer service? In our series, Make your ...
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An Integrated Business is a Successful Business- Value of CRM

Developing a more successful business and enjoying the life of an entrepreneur is most often the key objectives I hear as a ...
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Business Knowledge for the Next Level - Sage SalesLogix

Repeatable and consistent success in business depends on a core strategy revolving around the quick and easy access to knowledge ...
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3 'I's to grow a business - a farming business perspective

As in any other business, farmers have to use their eyes and their 'I's to grow their businesses.  With markets and ...
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