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bpm'online Selection, Implementation, Tailoring, Training & Consulting Services

Our bpm'online consultants help businesses develop a system for managing and visualizing business processes. This is all done via the cloud-based bpm'online CRM software, allowing companies to integrate customer relationship management capabilities with business process management.

bpm'online CRM professionals can help your business:

  • Leverage built in marketing automation
  • Develop & visually see business processes
  • Manage accounts and contacts
  • Utilize work flow automation
  • Manage service offerings
  • Get the most out of reporting & analytics





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"Dick's ability to truly understand client needs and business drivers sets him apart from other consultants in the field..."

Michael Hogan, President

Hogan Consulting Group




The best in business process management and CRM software

As a leading CRM software for business process management, bpm'online allows businesses to control their marketing, sales, and service with absolute precision. With bpm'online, users can manage demand generation, lead nurturing, and transition when closing a sale, allowing marketing and sales departments to concentrate on the most highly qualified and efficient leads. The chaos of sales management can be controlled in the most efficient way possible with bpm'online by making managing leads, opportunities, and quotes easier than ever before. Service is extremely important to the success of a business and bpm'online creates a customer service experience for providing high quality communication across one or multiple channels. 

Marketing Capabilities with bpm'online

Reduce unnecessary information and keep the focus on what matters most for sales teams with an efficient user interface that drives user engagement. The application provides a consistent user experience across all devices, both desktop and mobile. Not only can users create, but they can also visualize the processes that are dedicated to customer demand generation, lead qualification, and transfers to sales. Different channels can be viewed with analytics for tracking leads, measuring lead engagement, and gaining valuable insight to the efficiency of specific marketing efforts. Our bpm'online professionals help businesses create highly targeted audiences, strategy for email marketing campaigns, and sending specific messages to individual audiences by making use of the powerful marketing features bpm'online brings to the table.

A process-driven CRM for process oriented businesses

Manage customer-facing processes for marketing, sales, and service all within one highly efficient platform. Our professionals help clients automate any and all internal processes, from simple tasks to complex projects that involve multiple people and teams. Enjoy the implementation of features such as:

  • Process modeling
  • Design and refine processes for maximum results
  • Process library based on industry best practices
  • Monitoring and analytics


Helpful video on the importance of implementation plan & roll out process

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