Sales Strategy Consulting: How to Leverage Your CRM


Sales Strategy Consulting - Success with CRM

Do you know what your salespeople are focusing on today?

Many sales managers and VPs of sales can't answer yes to that, even if they want to. And how can you predict future revenue when you don't have a complete understanding of the challenges in each of your sales opportunities?.

A well-designed CRM system can fix that problem.  When you adopt one, you can support your sales staff while gaining greater visibility into sales activities, including both current and at-risk opportunities.

A good CRM system will:

          Speed up your sales cycle

          Reveal insight into sales efforts

          Provide results-based sales tools

Speed up your sales cycle

People are the focus of a high-quality CRM system - both your staff and your customers. Today's customers expect to be in charge of their own buying experiences, and they don't want to wait for answers.

CRM's technology tools are there to support your sales staff and help them develop relationships with prospects through timely, quality conversations. Excellent communication is the cornerstone of solid relationships. Today's CRM's provide easy mobility, 24x7x365 to keep in touch, fast.  A system that provides easy access to information will enable your staff to view, update, and respond - with intelligence and compassion and without delays.

Reveal insight into sales efforts

Management can't support sales if they have no ideas what their salespeople are focused on doing. The right CRM system will allow you to identify the who, what and when the sales reps are working on, make smart adjustments and measure progress towards goals.

Plus, a CRM can identify patterns that reveal the characteristics of ideal prospect companies and contacts. This way, you can optimize your sales performance by targeting the prospects who are the best fit for your company.

Additionally, you'll be able to identify your competitor's strengths and weakness. What your sales team learns in the field can be captured and shared internally.  You can use this knowledge to develop a solid competitive strategy.


Provide results-based selling tools

How much does it help to know fast-moving, and stuck opportunities?  With a well-used CRM system, you will.  Its data-built tools will enable you to provide timely support and coaching to your team members, which will help you close more deals, more efficiently, which leads to more deals.... you get the idea.

It is time to grow sales with the proper CRM tools and processes.

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With a variety of solutions designed for individuals, small groups and large organizations, Act! is has a program no matter the size of your business. Let us help find the right one for you!

Partnering with Success with CRM and Act! will help you to see the full picture. View all relationship interactions and communication history for your system and everyone you do business with.

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