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Business Intelligence & Analytics Services

Gartner’s definition of Business intelligence is:

“… BI is an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance.”

Business intelligence is becoming increasingly popular, evidenced by continued worldwide growth, as organisations strive to create and maintain a competitive advantage. Business Intelligence can facilitate easy identification of a business’ strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to inform a wider business strategy.

Bring Your CRM Data to Life

 Your relationships. Your Information. Your CRM.

Advanced Analytics is a powerful, yet easy to learn and use interactive analytics solution that enables you to increase organizational and customer intelligence, shape strategic priorities and make informed business decisions. Bring your CRM data to life and maximize your investment in Infor CRM by analyzing data and key performance indicators from across your organization for a deeper understanding of business and team performance and to identify the drivers of and barriers to success.


UPDATE:  Infor Birst - business intelligence and analytics - available mid 2018


Using Tibco Spotfire with Infor CRM


Infor CRM advanced analytics.jpg


With Infor CRM's Advanced Analytics, users at every level of your organization can monitor productivity, analyze trends and identify issues that enable them to focus attention and resources on the most profitable business activities and provide the insight to make decisions that positively impact your bottom line and extend your competitive advantage.


Advanced Analytics provides pre-built, fully-integrated dashboards that span all CRM functions, including Sales, Marketing and Support. Users can easily analyze data by defining parameters and metrics then interacting with dashboard visualizations via filter, drill and pivot capabilities. Analyze CRM data as well as data from multiple external sources such as ERP, CTi, spreadsheets, CSV files and web services for a holistic view of customers and an understanding of key business processes. Dashboard content can be easily customized and managing access to sensitive data is simple, as security is governed by user and team profiles in Infor CRM


More Advanced Visualizations- get a holistic view of what is available!

*Infor CRM Advanced Analytics requires Infor (Saleslogix) CRM v7.5.4 or higher.


Experience superior Interactive Visual Analytics capabilities: 

  • Utilize interactive controls to define dashboard parameters and metrics, methods of calculation, data to display and more.
  • Select data elements, mark records and drill into multiple levels of details. Create new visualizations with drill-down data and change the way data is summarized through pivoting.
  • View a list of individual records that contribute to the values in a dashboard. Locate specific records that are causing issues or contributing to success.
  • Utilize hierarchy, range and list filters to limit dashboard data based on a date range, opportunity value, individual sales person and more.
  • Select from multiple graphically-rich charts and visualization tools including Bar, Pie and Line charts, Combination charts, Tree Maps, Heat Maps, Scatter Plots and Bubble Charts.
  • Include multiple analyses as tabs within a dashboard. Each tab may contain a set of charts, grids and other controls for analyzing data.
  • Access convenient toolbar controls for undo/redo, export to Excel®, PDF and CSV, and to print charts, tables or entire dashboards.

Tutorial:  Using the Advanced Analytics Sales Dashboards




Utilize Pre-Built Interactive Dashboards to analyze performance and trends:

  • Leverage a comprehensive library of pre-built, interactive dashboard content and metrics that span CRM functions, including Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.
  • Assess key sales performance metrics with pre-built dashboards covering Sales by Geography, Historical Sales, Sales Forecast, Sales Pipeline, Win/Loss, Opportunity Trends, Ranking and Productivity Analysis.
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using the Campaign Analysis dashboard to analyze response metrics and determine ROI.
  • Improve customer service and support by acting on insights provided by dashboards covering Ticket Volume Trend, Open and Closed Tickets and Ticket Activities.

Deploy and manage easily for LOW Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Deploy Standard User Licenses for all CRM end-users and Professional User Licenses for developers and administrators to create and publish custom dashboards, tabs and queries, integrate new data sources and manage user profiles.
  • Saleslogix Advanced Analytics is fully-integrated with SalesLogix, enabling seamless interaction, quick access via the navigation bar and single sign-in.
  • Rely on sophisticated security to manage administration rights and access to sensitive data. Saleslogix Advanced Analytics strictly enforces the data security profiles defined in SalesLogix for users and teams.
  • In-memory analytics and data compression techniques enable fast, powerful analysis of data and minimize use of memory.
  • Analyze data from multiple sources of data, including SalesLogix, ERP and business management solutions, Web services, CTI/Telephony systems, spreadsheets and more.
  • Perform administration quickly and easily via the SalesLogix Administrator and a flexible data mapping tool.

Benefits Snapshot

Increase organizational and customer intelligence by analyzing data from across your business.

Make informed business decisions and shape strategic priorities based on actionable analysis.

Extend your competitive advantage by focusing attention and resources on the most profitqble business activities.

Enable users at every level to gain insights they need to identify drivers of and barries to success.

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