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 Advanced Business Intelligence & Analytics


Sales by Geography

Key Objectives:

  • View geographical breakdown of sales
  • Identify trends or issues that are regional in nature


Infor CRM Advanced Analytics provides a way for users to identify sales based on a geographical region using a map visualization. With this release, the only map available is for the USA. Other maps will be provided in the future.

There is no drilling capability with this map at this time. The sales, which is measured as the sum of Actual Amount for closed-won opportunities, are color-coded by state based on the volume or size of the sale.

Since Actual Amount can be entered for opportunities that do not have products, a separate table is provided in the visualization to view sales for any marked (i.e. selected) states in the map.

Users can filter sales a number of ways, including by Product Hierarchy, Product Family and Product Name. They can also filter by Opportunity Manager, Opportunity Close Date, Sales (range), Industry and many more.

Main benefits include:

  • Ability to identify trends or see patterns in sales based on the geographical region.
  • Understand how well each product is doing in each geographical region.
  • Identify data quality issues because some accounts do not have proper addresses assigned (e.g. might be missing the country or postal code)
  • The ability to analyze geographical sales performance based on a period of time.
  • Identify which industries are selling the most in each area.
  • Analyze the areas where each sales representative seems to be having the most success 

Sales Forecast

Key Objectives:

  • Determine if forecast/quota will be met for each sales period
  • Identify who will make their numbers

Infor CRM displays the sales and the projected sales for each quarter and month within the selected calendar year. Sales is calculated using the actual amount for closed-win opportunities. The time period that sales is reported is based on the closed date of the opportunity. 

Projected sales is measured using the weighted sales potential for open opportunities. The time period that projected sales is reported is based on the estimated close date.

The time period that sales is reported. Opportunities are counted regardless of whether the Add to Forecast checkbox on the opportunity has been checked, however, there is a filter in the dashboard that allows users to filter out opportunities that do not have the Add to Forecast checkbox checked.

The Sales Forecast analysis allows managers and individual sales people to keep track of whether or not quota will be met for a given month, quarter or year. Upon selecting a time period, the user can see which salespersons are going to achieve their individual quota. Sales managers would need to track quotas for individual sales people, since this is not currently tracked in Advanced Analytics.

Main benefits include:

  • Provides window into future as to whether quotas will be met based on the forecasted and actual sales
  • Allows managers to see forecast of entire team, and then see which salespeople are ok and which are behind

Customer Service and Support - Open Tickets

Key Objectives:

  • Determine the age of tickets that are currently open
  • Identify categories/areas of open tickets
  • Discover which reps currently have the heaviest load


Advanced Analytics offers the Open Tickets analysis in the Support dashboard to help managers manage ticket workload. This analysis offers many of the same features and benefits that the Closed Ticket analysis does, with the exception that this analysis is focused on open tickets.

Main benefits include:

  • Ability to identify the source of tickets
  • Ability to monitor and manage workload of support representatives
  • Ability to track effectiveness at closing tickets (i.e. higher average times for open tickets indicate a problem with getting them closed)


Sales Ranking Analysis

Key Objectives:

  • Identify top and bottom performers based on key sales metrics
  • Provide insight into why top performers are succeeding, and why bottom performers are not

Advanced Analytics offers a top/bottom analysis of important sales metrics. The Ranking Analysis tab in the Sales Dashboard is a one-stop analysis of metrics that are used throughout the Sales Dashboard, but that provides users with a better way to determine the top or bottom values for whatever is being measured.

Users begin their analysis be selecting the metric that they want to base their top/bottom analysis on. Next, they select the dimension for summarizing the data. The slider control on the bar chart allows users to view the number of top values that they want to see, the number of bottom values, or any section of values in the middle.

Once the values are identified, users can identify which salespersons, industries, geographical areas, etc. are responsible for the top/bottom values.

Main benefits include:

  • Ability to identify top and bottom performers, whether that is salespersons, accounts or other entities within the organization and the customers it serves
  • Ability to analyze the top/bottom performers to determine the causes for their performance


 For Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

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Productivity Analysis

Key Objectives:

  • Monitor sales activities over time
  • Tie productivity to sales performance

Advanced Analytics is a great assist for sales manager’s trying to measure the performance of sales representatives. The Productivity Analysis tab in the Sales Dashboard gives sales managers what they need to monitor and improve department productivity. One of the key indicators of effort being put forth by a salesperson is the number of activities they complete, such as phone calls, meetings, customer visits and e-mails.

Productivity Analysis allows the user to compare the volume of activities with the sales recorded by each sales representative. Through the use of filters, users can restrict the analysis to specific activity types, salespersons, time frames and other useful attributes. When a good or bad trend is identified, the analysis can then turn to the specific details to determine which salespeople are the biggest contributors.

Main benefits include:

  • Tie productivity to sales performance
  • Determine individual productivity for each sales representative
  • Identify good success criteria by looking at the activity volume and mix that successful representatives have.

Sales Performance - Historical Sales

Key Objectives:

  • Identify top sales people
  • Identify top customers
  • Understand what is selling and what is not
  • Determine how sales team can be more successful

Advanced Analytics provides a view of historical sales in the Sales Dashboard. The Historical Sales tab allows the user to explore where sales (i.e. actual amount from closed-won opportunities) are happening. The user is able to see sales broken down by product or product family, as well as total sales (regardless of whether there was a product or not) across many different dimensions.

The pie chart is dependent on the selection (or mark) made in the bar chart. The tables are dependent on the selection made on the pie chart. This means that the user can select a value in the bar chart and see that data represented in the pie chart, and then pivot or change the dimension to something else. The user can then select a record in the pie chart and see the data in the tables. The data in the table can also be pivoted to a different dimension.

Main benefits include:

  • Categorical analysis of sales to determine where things are being successful and where they are not
  • Ability to view sales in many different ways, across many dimensions
  • Ability to identify corrective actions based on past performance of sales

Sales Pipeline

Key Objectives:

  • Identify deals that have been in the pipeline too long
  • Identify weakness in the pipeline
  • Move things through pipeline as quickly as possible



Advanced Analytics provides a view into the sales pipeline through the Pipeline Analysis tab in the Sales Dashboard. This analysis provides detailed views into the pipeline. A stacked bar chart allows users to see how much is in the pipeline for each opportunity type and can be summarized by sales process stage, opportunity manager, industry, geographical area and other relevant dimensions.

This analysis also provides a bubble chart that allows users to see which opportunities have been in the pipeline too long, and which are the most important opportunities to close (based on the size of the opportunity). Users can also see how much is in the pipeline for a given product or product family.

Main benefits include:

  • Ability to more effectively manage the pipeline so that stalled opportunities are moved through as quickly as possible, or are abandoned so that sales resources are focused on other opportunities.
  • Ability to identify weaknesses in the pipeline before they cause a problem with quota attainment
  • Ability to manage pipeline at salesperson level to ensure that each salesperson has a manageable load and enough in the pipeline to meet their quota


Campaign Analysis

Key Objectives:

  • Monitor current campaign performance
  • Compare performance of campaigns
  • Determine why some campaigns are more successful than others
Saleslogix business analytics campaign analysis resized 390

Advanced Analytics provides a window into the success or failure of marketing efforts through the Campaign Analysis tab in the Marketing dashboard. This analysis looks at the return on investment for each campaign by measuring the revenue generated and comparing to the costs and the number of responses generated. Key metrics for each campaign are laid out in the Campaign Summary table. Active and inactive campaigns can both be analyzed to determine their success based on a particular metric.

Main benefits include:

  • Assess campaign ROI
  • Determine which campaigns are the most successful for a given metric
  • Evaluate performance for activve campaigns by measuring their current activity

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