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Connecting organizations through analytics

What is Birst

BI and Analytics have been around for 30 years, with the idea of taking data out of Enterprise applications and turning that into insight so Business Leaders can make decisions that drive better business performance. Historically those applications have been either feature-rich, but slow and IT-centric, or easy to use, but bound to simple desktop use cases.

Birst is the clear leader in next generation enterprise analytics. Birst breaks this trade-off by leveraging a native multi-tenant cloud architecture along with patented BI automation, delivering robust analytics capabilities and data governance with ease of use and end user agility.

Birst was born in the cloud and our multi-tenant cloud platform incorporates the complete BI and analytics stack including:

  • Visualization
  • ETL/Data Prep
  • Reporting
  • Analysis

Birst addresses all architectures, public and private clouds, on-premise and hybrid as well as in the cloud. So no matter what the BI or analytics scenario is at a customer or prospect, Birst can fit the bill.

The Birst solution has built-in intelligence - it’s smart.  It has patented data preparation and end user visualization capabilities that make it an industry-leading product for business professionals who want to discover insights in their data as well as organizations who need to build new analytics solutions.


The Birst platform was designed without having to compromise between capability AND speed.

Birst is fundamentally different because it’s the only solution that meets the business demand for greater agility and self-service but without compromising consistency and trust in the data. Birst holds a unique position in the marketplace. And this is why industry analysts appreciate what Birst can do over the traditional incumbent players.

Industry analysts recognize Birst leadership

Gartner BI analysis with BIRST as number one-2


Forrester Wave:  Cloud BI Platform has Birst in the Leader section

Gartner BI recognation

Rated higher in every use case than discovery tools and in top 4 for all categories but 1. (Agile BI, Governed Data Discovery, Embedded BI, or Customer Facing)

Speaks to the breadth of our solution

You might need all these abilities today, but when you do, they are there - you won’t be painted into a corner

Having Birst in the BI market means you get technology and innovation that has to keep up and surpass companies like MicroStrategy, Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft – means better BI for all Infor

When you talk in your org, you can talk with confidence that you have a leader in BI on your road map - and now is a good time to have that strategic analytics discussion

Why Birst

Data, insights and users are disconnected.  This is HUGE detriment to fast, shared and Trusted Decision Making.

Disconnected data, insights and users

Each business process has an application and, in fact, more likely multiple applications that are not integrated and that impede a complete understanding of the process across the enterprise. Even though these business processes have interdependencies, the applications that support them are completely disconnected from each other. Combining data from these applications to present a unified view of the business is a massive challenge. Business users end up dumping data into Excel and making decisions entirely in a vacuum, using spreadsheets that act as data silos proliferating across the enterprise. This leads to delays, errors, and sometimes unintended consequences, like promoting a product, then eroding margins by paying for expedited shipping to avoid out of stocks.

For a company to successfully deliver a trusted and unified view of their entire business, they need a solution that can bring together data from multiple disparate systems and business applications.


Birst connects organizations through analytics. 

A single networked view of data enabled by a multi-tenant cloud architecture.

Birst connects organizations through analytics

Birst’s pioneering networked approach gives individuals, teams and departments self-service analytics environments that can be connected to each other. This delivers the freedom to explore, experiment and work independently in “virtual sandboxes”, while leveraging and extending the insights of others, enriching the network in the process. The result is an organically grown network of insights that encourages business-user self-service, collaboration, and rapid prototyping in a secure and well governed environment.

Whether deploying production-caliber operational reporting across the enterprise, or empowering end users to do ad-hoc data discovery, Birst supports both approaches in a way no other product in the market can. Birst’s patented technologies and capabilities around cloud computing – multi-tenancy, virtualization, and web-scale architectures – to truly combine the centralized and decentralized models of BI, delivering the best aspects of both: end-user self-service without analytical silos

Connecting users to shared data

How Birst is used Today

How Birst is used today

Customers across all industries, use cases and sizes

Birst used across all industries, use cases and sizes

Birst is a platform, not an application.  Birst is designed to solve complex analytics problems across a multitude of industries and business use cases.  It can support enterprise - scale requirements down to the needs of mid-sized companies.

Birst has the unique ability to automate data preparation and data presentation and builds in a more intelligent way. By automating many of these function we can actually reduce the overall Total Cost of Ownership over what's traditionally been possible by these legacy solutions.

Many customers in the past have experienced expensive and painful BI implementations. We have an answer to that. Birst is truly a different solution for your customers and it's something they can have running much more quickly, in months not years, and in a dramatically less-expensive fashion than using traditional legacy tools.


Birst is a great foundation to build your business analytics strategy on and we want to have that conversation with your and your teams

The Birst Advantage

Birst an Infor company


Birst Analytics inside Infor CRM

Infor CRM - Sales opportunities dashboard

Infor CRM -Sales Opportunity Dashboard- Birst

Infor CRM - Sales Won Opportunities

Infor CRM -  Sales Opportunities Won- Birst


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