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Infor Mobile CRM Software


Infor (Saleslogix) Mobile Workforce CRM Software

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Answers, leads and sales anytime, anywhere - easy

Infor mobile CRM is designed to deliver purpose-built, cost-effective solutions for the mobile world. Rich CRM functionality on smartphones and tablets give your mobile work force a strong competitive advantage.

Infor Mobile CRM provides robust capabilities to the users who spend most of their time on the road and in the field.  You can edit all account and contact information, view KPIs (key performance indicators), access charts, and keep track of your schedule and activities. 

While the design was made to be more appealing, it also contains some very useful user experience changes.

  • The default input size is now 44px and optimized for mobile input.
  • It is now much easier to actually click on elements within the mobile app.
  • The lookup/search input now auto selects the input when focused, allowing you to just hit delete on your keyboard instead of clicking the "x" on far right side of the input.
  • The number of fields displayed in the default detail is now more refined, and the others fall into the collapsed "More Details" section.
  • The quick actions on the detail now have a highlighted background so they are easier to click on the go.
  • The record counts in the "Related Item" section now stand out.
  • When adding history records or notes, the note field is now first in the edit form since it should have the highest priority.
  • The group lists are refined, so all fields are no longer get dumped into the card. The user can update their group layout to change this behavior.

Latest version 4.0 September 2019

Installing Mobile 4.0 client

Upgrading Mobile 4.0 client

Release notes

Resolved Issues list in 4.0

Download Mobile Product Datasheet 

Quickly check up your Open Sales Opportunities, view the KPI's and perform quick updates with the tap of a finger.


How can we help?

Infor Mobile 3.3 capabilities include:

    • Contextual KPIs for Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Tickets
    • Interactive charts available for each KPI empower you with handheld customer intelligence
    • New menus: global, context and quick action
    • Enhanced list views provide at-a-glance customer information with quick action menus.
    • Image, signature and attachment support
    • New card views as summary or detail
    • New "relative" date format in the fields enable the date to display as "today" or "in two weeks" instead of the standard mm/dd/yyyy date format 
    • Opportunity products
    • Notes-history view and lookup
    • Faster list loading
    • SpeedSearch - for key word searches throughout the CRM database
    • Customizable to accommodate your unique business processes
    • Groups used in Web client are available in Mobile to show what the user wants to see


Fresh appearance that appeals to the productive minded user.  CRM user engagement is bound to increase even more... 

Managing your daily tasks with Infor mobile.... as a calendar for My Activities for an easily selected time frame. 




New layout configuration that allows user to choose the number of fields visible from the group list view. Also with version 3.2 the content to display can be in a summary format or detail format while still being customized by the groups you select to view.


A brief compact, summary view of information about the account, contact, opportunity or ticket.


The more detailed view:


If your mobile device is switched from portrait to a landscape view, the larger real estate will display additional columns of information.



Quick Actions for Increased Productivity



Know the lay of the land quickly with Related items

The main entities like account, contact, opportunity and tickets show the item with count of the number of related records for activities, opportunities, etc.  No need to open a related item to see there is any information. This is for a contact view's related items that was just looked up:


Easily Search for that note or history record: