Frequently Asked Questions about Infor CRM 

During the CRM discover process a prospect or new client goes through, there are frequently asked Thinking_man_That_was_helpfulquestions that are asked or should be asked. Each business is unique and will have specific requirements but these are common questions and answers on how Infor CRM meets those needs.


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Q: How intuitive is the user interface?

A: Infor CRM requires minimal user training for most functionality. A user-friendly interface, customizable workspaces, and a consistent experience across all access methods make Infor CRM highly adaptable. The user interface is easy to use and navigate—whether using Windows, Web, or Mobile clients—so users quickly get up to speed and become more productive. Right-click menus, drag and drop capabilities, and more, help users quickly access the tools they need to organize their days and perform their jobs effectively. Plus, you can integrate Infor CRM with familiar applications such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Excel®, and Word®, furthering end-user adoption.  There are help option and ? icons available to help guide the user.  Some "how to.." examples are also included in the supplied help content and available in quick start PDF guides.


Q: Explain pipeline management / opportunity tracking capabilities?

A: Opportunity management in Infor CRM enables teams to work together to close deals faster by providing a single place for updating deal information, tracking opportunity milestones, and recording all opportunity-related interactions. It can be customized to fit your internal sales methodologies and processes, making it easier for account executives to monitor their sales pipelines. Your organization can use opportunities to track stages of a sales cycle, gauge the likelihood of closing the sale, forecast revenue, and more. Users can also close the sale and convert products to assets after a sale. Infor CRM also provides the ability to track win/loss ratios and competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. As with any other forms in Infor CRM, these can be customized and tailor to your unique sales processes and metrics needed.

Q: How Does Data Security Work?

A:Data security is based on account (company) ownership. Public accounts can be owned by an individual user, a team of users, or everyone. Departments cannot own an account.

Personal contacts are private. If the Add Personal Contacts option is enabled in a user's security profile, the user can create personal contacts in the Infor CRM Client. An account is automatically created using the contact name (lastname, first). The account is owned by the user who enters the contact. In the owner field the user’s name displays as "username(PR)". Personal accounts/contacts can be made public by assigning ownership to another user or a team. Public accounts/contacts cannot be made personal.

A user’s access to data can be controlled at the table or field level. A user can have different access rights as an individual owner of accounts and as a member of a team who owns an account. For example, a user who owns an account as an individual has full access rights to all tables and fields, but as a member of a team, when accessing accounts owned by the team, might be limited to view-only rights.


Q: Can we associate attachments to tasks and other things?

A: You can associate an attachment to meetings, phone calls, to-do items, e-mails, notes and personal activities. 


Q: Can we write letters and perform mail merges? Does your tool provide document management?

A: Infor CRM provides full out-of-box mail merge capability with associated template library. The Infor CRM Library may contain any electronic file, document, or link to Web content.  These can be attached to individual e-mails or used in a mail merge. Versions of documents can be tracked as well.


Q: How does the system support automated or self-service follow-up?

A: Customers can access sales and customer service information and assistance via pass word protected access to the Infor CRM Web Customer Portal. Using the online knowledgebase with keyword and advanced search methods, they can find answers to their own questions. Customers can also submit, set the urgency, track, and append additional information to their issues or request and communicate with the sales and support staff. Customers have the ability to close or reopen an issue or request themselves.


Q: What are our options for deploying Infor CRM?

A: You can access Infor CRM Windows, Web, and Mobile clients anytime, anywhere—even when disconnected—without sacrificing features or functionality. It can be implemented in your environment (on-premise) or hosted by us with our Infor CRM Cloud option. With Windows, Web, and mobile client deployment options on popular devices such as iPhone, Android and Windows smart phones and tablets, users have access to complete Infor CRM information, whether connected or disconnected, without sacrificing functionality, usability, or robust customizations.  


Q: Can we set user field/form level permission?

A: Yes. User level permissions can be set on any field in the system. Infor CRM provides the ability to setup secured actions and create teams of users which can then be applied for additional security.


Q: Do we have the ability to track and audit field entries?

A: Every Infor CRM field has an audit flag that can be turned on.  If turned on any changes to that field will be logged to the database.


Q: How can account ownership be setup in Infor CRM?

A: Security is based on account ownership and can vary considerably. There are four levels of account ownership: 1. User, 2. Team, 3. Everyone or 4. Everyone (read only).  A team is composed of a group of users.  Everyone is a special team that automatically includes all Infor CRM users. At the user and team levels of ownership, a security profile dictates the rights a user has for a particular account.  Therefore, a user's right to view, edit, or delete an account, and information pertaining to an account (including contacts and opportunities), can be limited 


Q: Can the Web server be installed with SSL?

A: Yes. Detailed instructions for setting up an HTTP server with SSL can be found in the Infor CRM Implementation Guide.  Download Version 8.1 guide.....