Infor CRM and Microsoft Office (Outlook) Integration

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The Infor CRM and Outlook Integration - It's CRM Your Way!

  • Integrate CRM contacts, emails, activities and tasks with Microsoft® Outlook® for a cohesive solution.
  • Turn unstructured email information into defined tasks, opportunities, leads, accounts, social media conversations, and more.
  • Create Richer communications history by capturing and linking emails to contacts in CRM 
  • Update existing Infor CRM contact information directly from linked Outlook contacts.
  • Purposeful innovation empowers your whole workforce.

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Infor CRM Components found in Microsoft Outlook menus:

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Using Outlook Integration

If your company uses Outlook Integration, you can save Outlook e-mail messages as Infor CRM history items. For example, you can:

  • Compose an e-mail message in Outlook, select contacts from the Infor CRM Address Book, and then click Send to CRM to record the e-mail body and any attachments to the associated record. You can also include attachments to the message. For more information, see Understanding E-Mail Integrations.

  • Select an e-mail message in Outlook, and then click Record to History to record the e-mail body and any attachments to the associated record.

  • Send an Infor CRM contact's information in a vCard file format via e-mail.

  • Attach documents from Infor CRM Library to a message in Outlook.

  • Drag and drop e-mail messages from Outlook to the Infor CRM History tab. 

  • Click the E-mail button on the Contact or Lead Detail view to open a new e-mail message addressed to that lead or contact. For more information, see E-mailing a Contact or Lead in Help.

  • Click the E-mail button on the Ticket Detail view to copy ticket information into a new e-mail message, and then click Send to CRM in Microsoft Outlook to send the message and save it to Infor CRM. For more information, see Sending an E-mail Message from a Ticket in Help.  


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