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Success with Infor CRM (aka Saleslogix)


New announcement:  Saleslogix to become Infor CRMtm and move into Infor's CloudSuite, read more.


Engage Customers, Engage Sales

Infor CRM is a mobile-enabled, full-featured, customizable, multi-client CRM solution that allows businesses to manage their entire sales cycle and increase team performance by:

    • Automating sales processes
    • Monitoring and forecasting sales activity
    • Responding promptly and knowledgeably to inquires
    • Leveraging more opportunities
    • Targeting campaigns to their most profitable customers and prospects






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Compatibility Checklist for 8.1 v2


 Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 Video- Managing Your Daily Tasks:



PDF Summary comparison of what is new in latest mobile and web version..... 


Saleslogix CRM Grows Your Business

iPhone-SalesLogix-mobileAnywhere, Anytime Access

The Saleslogix CRM is mobile-enabled, right out of the box, so your teams can access your customer knowledge database from all the popular mobile devices. Mobile CRM delivers tremendous business benefits as it improves the quality and timeliness of the CRM’s customer data, increases customer satisfaction through greater responsiveness and drives revenues by moving opportunities through the sales pipeline more efficiently. 


A Mobile CRM Advantages By the Numbers:

    • Increase field selling time by 28%
    • Eliminate redundant activities 27%
    • Reduce sales call costs 25%
    • Decreased administrative time 24%

Learn more about Saleslogix Mobile benefits.



Have It Your Way Customization

As businesses grow, the way the company does business will also change. Saleslogix CRM is a highly adaptable, flexible and personalized CRM solution. At Success with CRM Consulting, we specialize in translating the way you do business so you can take advantage of the capabilities provided by these solutions. From lead capture to customer relationship email marketing, we can help tailor a built-to-fit Saleslogix CRM solution that works the way you do. Learn more about our CRM Customization Services.



Better Strategic Decisions

A more successful business begins with better business and customer intelligence. With Saleslogix CRM, businesses get the tools to turn data into insights, make better strategic decisions and manage resources more efficiently. More than 300,000 users at over 8,500 companies worldwide rely on Saleslogix Web, Windows, and mobile access options to shape their strategic priorities, manage real-time customer data and accelerate sales results. Learn more about Saleslogix CRM’s business analytics capabilities.



Richer Customer Profiles

Rely on Saleslogix CRM to capture information and interactions from across your organization and from external sources to create a 360-degree view of your customer. Saleslogix enables you to integrate with business management applications, desktop productivity tools and web services.



Rely on Saleslogix as the hub of your commercial operations by creating rich customer profiles. Capture information and interactions from across your organization and from external sources to create a 360-degree view of your customer. Saleslogix enables you to integrate with business management applications, desktop productivity tools and web services.

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How We Add Value to Your Saleslogix CRM

Success with CRM Consulting implements fully customized Saleslogix CRM systems that captures knowledge easily, returns new insights, and allows for better decisions to be made quicker. This customization helps give your business a competitive edge.  View descriptions of tailor-made enhancements, here.

12- valuable benefits - our Promise to you....


Our Saleslogix CRM Professional Services

Business Analysis

Success with CRM Consulting offers business analysis services to define requirements, business processes and unique business objectives. We work together to analyze your CRM requirements, including:

    • Lead generation and qualification
    • Sales process
    • Buyer process integration with opportunity management
    • Customer service and support
    • Issues/resolutions analysis
    • Business Process Management (BPM) with workflow and alerting


Saleslogix CRM Implementation & Integration

A certified Saleslogix partner, Success with CRM Consulting co-designs a purpose-built, personalized CRM that is intuitive and familiar as it is based on your company’s work process and user interfaces. We have extensive experience with legacy systems and can ensure accurate, efficient and clean data migration.


Transfer of our Saleslogix and CRM success knowledge to your team

We deliver flexible Saleslogix training solutions for administrators, power users and end users, including on-site training, video training of common operation processes, classroom training and Saleslogix webinar training.


Ongoing Saleslogix Support

Our reliable, professional Saleslogix support services ensure that you get the most out of your CRM system, and can concentrate on the work that matters – growing your business. We deliver on-site, remote, and after-hours support services.

For more information or to arrange a free Saleslogix consultation, call us at 269-445-3001, or click on the link:




Additional Saleslogix CRM Resources


CRM - A Business Imperative

Today's economic conditions are more challenging than most companies have ever faced. BUT these times present new opportunities for companies that develop an engaging business relationship development strategy. Saleslogix CRM is uniquely positioned to assist you.

Download CRM: A Business Imperative white paper that examines how Saleslogix works with small- and medium-sized businesses like yours to help them protect and grow their revenues during the economic downturn.


SLX-Which-Dept-Do-You-KeepWhich Department Do You Keep?

Check out this fun video that provides a quick overview of the total CRM business solution. See the sleek welcome screen, informative dashboards, a trending account timeline of the business account relationship, service/support ticket for issues and resolutions as you build your knowledgebase and have a CRM system that is an appreciating asset.



Benefits for Your Role and Responsibilities



More business drivers that CRM helps your business to address....

But don’t take our word for it! Read what others say about our professional services in reasons to believe. 

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