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Mobile CRM - Information at Your Finger Tips


Be 'Smart', Look 'Smart' with Smart Mobile App

What's the Latest:

Saleslogix Mobile 3.01 provides enhanced mobile features for interacting with your customer data, in context, while in the field. New contextual KPIs, charts, and menus empower you with mobile customer intelligence on a broad range of smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices.

Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 is included at no additional charge for existing customers with standard CRM licenses. Mobile-Only users can get Saleslogix for just $25 user/mo (cloud) or $395/user (on-premises).

  • Redesigned app for smartphones and tablets that can be extensively customized.
  • Purpose build solutions in HTML5 allow your data to tell you its story and best course of action.
  • KPIs, charts, and dashboards added to modernized Saleslogix Mobile interface for Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Tickets.
  • New global, context, and quick action menus for greater mobile capabilities including image and signature support.
  • New capabilities like multi-currency, opportunity products, SpeedSearch, lazy load list, and much more!


Extend rich CRM functionality to mobile device users quickly and easily - at no additonal charge!*


Take the Mobile Feature Tour

SalesLogix Mobile works with the SalesLogix on-premise and SalesLogix Cloud systems and interacts with each device’s navigation, mapping, dialing, and email functions to simplify the user experience.  SalesLogix Mobile operates online and offline, is centrally managed and customized, and updates automatically over the air.


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A leader in CRM for the mobile workforce

Answers, leads and sales anytime, anywhere - easy   

Saleslogix Mobile CRM 3.x provides robust capabilities to the users who spend most of their time on the road and in the field.  You can edit all account and contact information, view KPIs (key performance indicators), access charts, and keep track of your schedule and activities. 



The Latest Mobile 3.0 capabilities include:

  • contextual KPIs
    • Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Tickets
  • interactive charts available for each KPI
  • new menus: global, context and quick action
  • image, signature and attachment support
  • new card view
  • multi-currency
  • opportunity products
  • faster list loading
  • SpeedSearch - for key word searches throughout the CRM database
  • customizable to accommodate your unique business processes

More about the latest Saleslogix Mobile CRM 3.0


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Explore SalesLogix Mobile v2.x

It's time to enhance your workflow by pairing the SaleLogix you know-and-love on your PC with the SalesLogix you-will-come-to-love on your mobile device! Although the mobile version* provides the same tools to build relationships and remain connected with your business, the interface differs slightly from the familiar PC experience.

Want to learn the how to navigate the latest smart mobile offering?

Take 20 minutes to discover this Saleslogix Mobile 2.2 video below and learn how to navigate for managing your daily sales tasks- click to view.



You'll learn how to:

-Configure settings and keep local storage for offline data access.
-Quickly enter data (like adding a new account and contact).
-Use hash tags to search for a group of records in list view.
-Easily link to different pages with the fewest taps/touches.
-Create notes to record phone calls and e-mail messages


Download "What's new in Saleslogix Mobile 2.0" PDF...

*Requires Saleslogix v7.5.4+. Supports iPhone 3.x+, iPad, Android v2.1+, BlackBerry v6.0+, and HTML5/CSS3-compliant browsers. Learn more here.


Saleslogix Mobile Interface

Access Quick Actions to call Access Quick Actions to call your contact, send an e-mail, schedule an activity, add that all important note so you can share that knowledge back in the office.




Create, Read and Update Activities, Notes and History  




The Mobile client features a task-oriented user interface.

Select the contact record on your mobile phone and use your native devices' mapping software to view the address of the contact.  There is integration with native applications including email, dialing, and mapping.


Schedule Activities (Meeting, Personal Activity, Phone-call, To-do) easily.


With History Tracking- you can record email and phone interaction to history.  The boss back in the main office will like that!



What's New in Latest Saleslogix Mobile 2.x


1. View today's activities or pick any future/past date for a list of activities

2. Schedule new meetings, personal activities, phone calls and to-dos

3. Complete any Activity and schedule a follow-up

4. View Opportunity's related products

5. Call Contact mobile number from Quick actions menu

6. Combined Notes and History views to a single Notes/History view

7. List icons describe the type of Activity or Note

8. Users can filter the Notes/History view by typing one of the following hash tag values into the Search box, for example: 



 Notes/History filter using Tags:

#note – View just notes

#phonecall – View only phone call history items  

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