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A leader in CRM for the Mobile Workforce

Infor (Saleslogix) Mobile 3.0+

Mobile 3.x -Answers, leads and sales anytime, anywhere - easy

Infor CRM (Saleslogix) mobile is designed to deliver purpose-built, cost-effective solutions for the mobile world.

Rich CRM functionality on smartphones and tables give your mobile work force a strong competitive advantage.

Saleslogix Mobile CRM 3.0 provides robust capabilities to the users who spend most of their time on the road and in the field.  You can edit all account and contact information, view KPIs (key performance indicators), access charts, and keep track of your schedule and activities. 



What's new in Saleslogix Mobile 3.x

Mobile 3.0 capabilities include:

    • contextual KPIs
      • Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Tickets
    • interactive charts available for each KPI empower you with handheld customer intelligence
    • new menus: global, context and quick action
    • enhanced list views provide at-a-glance customer information with quick action menus.
    • image, signature and attachment support
    • new card view
    • multi-currency
    • opportunity products
    • faster list loading
    • SpeedSearch - for key word searches throughout the CRM database
    • customizable to accommodate your unique business processes


Managing your daily tasks with Saleslogix mobile....


Download PDF of What is new and updated in Mobile 3.0




Broad Smartphone, Tablet and Device Support

Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 allow you to access your CRM data from a wide range of popular devices atno additional charge to Saleslogix customers:



Customize the app to easily accommodate your unique business processes and data requirements in the field.



Example of working with opportunities - part of daily sales activities




Working your sales schedule of activities

Typically you want to quickly view your schedule of meetings for the current week. 

Tap on the 3 lines icon button Mobile-menu-button to show the main menu.


Tap to select "My Activites" from the main menu on the left side. We use the tag of #this-week to show a listing of 3 meetings. 

Tap on the button again to slide the menu to the left and enlarge the list of activities. 




From the list of activities you can tap on the specific activity to view or edit its details.  In the top right hand corner are two icons.  The Plus icon is used to insert a new activity and the 3 dotted icon is used for searching and filtering using hash tags, from a menu on the right. You also have a quick actions tool bar that is available which can slide out when needed.


Also the "Lookup" area in the top right corner can be used to type in key word/phrase or pick from various preset tags to use as activity filters:




Likewise for Accounts you can select a predefined tag or  do word search for accounts starting with "Abbott":



Search results show the account records matching the filter, basic account information and the last three history records.



To return back to past screens use the new back arrow button from the top left corner. And to quickly return to the main menu use the 3 dashes icon: Saleslogix-mobile-back-button


Offer: Adding Mobile-Only User Licenses

Saleslogix is the first in the CRM industry to offer a option to purchase Mobile-only licenses.



Mobile Hands-on

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