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Endeavor to Win: CPQ - Configure, Price and Quoting

Business has always been about speed. How fast can you deploy? How timely is your messaging? How quick is your communication?

4 Key Realized Key Benefits with CPQ:


EndeavorCPQ saves you time – time & again. Eliminate inefficiencies in your sales process to reduce quote turnaround, speed up product deployment and close deals faster by bringing all of your departments, processes and data in line.

EndeavorCPQ is a cloud-based mobile sales solution that integrates with leading CRM and ERP systems. EndeavorCPQ combines a powerful product & pricing rules engine with the simplicity of Guided Selling to shrink your sales cycle, increase deal size and expand the reach of your sales network.

Get out from behind your desk and get in front of customers. Because EndeavorCPQ lives in the cloud you can use it on the road with a smartphone or tablet and forget about the headaches of file management, data backup and software updates.


CPQ for Infor CRM (Saleslogix) CRM

Fast Quotes and Accurate Orders

Endeavor has partnered with SalesLogix since 2002 and was elevated to Sage's highest partner level, "Endorsed" in 2008. Endeavor's Guided Selling system was certified for Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) and the companies have many satisfied joint customers. From a Quick Quote to a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) to a Visual Sales Configurator to a B2B eCommerce Portal, Endeavor satisfies the quote to order requirements for all SalesLogix customers.


Out of the Box

Endeavor offers SmartCatalog Quick Quote (QQ), Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and B2B eCommerce Portal (B2B) offerings that are integrated to Infor CRM (Saleslogix) out of the box. SmartCatalog usese the Infor CRM (SalesLogix) API and extends the Infor CRM Product table with SmartCatalog entities to store all SmartCatalog data. No additional database is required. At runtime, SalesLogix users access SmartCatalog QQ and CPQ offerings from the SalesLogix Nav Bar, and a SmartCatalog web app guides the sales person through quoting process. SmartCatalog creates or updates a Infor CRM Opportunity and/or a Infor CRM Order. The SmartCatalog B2B Portal offering is integrated using the same methods and allows you to extend out a quote and/or order portal to dealers and distributors for them to be self-serve.

All Versions Supported

All Infor CRM editions are supported by SmartCatalog’s integration. Whether you are subscribing to Infor CRM Cloud, or deploying Infor CRM Web, LAN, or Remote versions, SmartCatalog is supported in the integration.

Deep Functionality

The SmartCatalog suite of offerings gives your sales people exactly what they need to quote quickly and confidently and your partners a portal so they can do the same. SmartCatalog enables your selling channels to be 100% self serve when it comes to quoting and ordering.

Easy Administration

SmartCatalog provides a very easy Administrative Console that was designed for Business Users, not IT. Product and pricing rules change frequently, and you need to be able to publish those changes out to your selling channels quickly. The Admin Console is very intuitive, secure and feature rich. Learn more about it on the Endeavor CPQ YouTube Channel.

Thousands of Users

Endeavor's partnership with Infor CRM (Saleslogix) dates back to 2002 and in the nine year relationship, our companies have thousands of satisfied users quoting and ordering throughout the day. The integration is very solid, secure, scalable and it will evolve as the products do. You are investing in this integration as much as you are investing in the SmartCatalog product feature set. Our engineers are in sync with Infor CRM  engineers and Endeavor publishes updates and releases within thirty days of Saleslogix doing the same.


Empower Your Sales Team

Make Complex Selling Simpler Across All Sales Channels

With Smart Catalog

SmartCatalog delivers proven guided selling and Configure to order solutions extending fast, accurate quoting and ordering to all sales channels - including employees, partners/distributors and customers.

Guided Selling

Turn a conversation into a solution. SmartCatalog asks the questions and you provide the answers.  Publish a Virtual Advisor and make the quote process fast and easy.

Imagine answering just a few simple questions and having your quote built for you.  Maybe you are a seasoned sales rep or an engineer and want to get a simple to very complicated quote out the door. Or, maybe you are a new sales rep and need to make sure you are asking all the right questions. In either case, Guided Selling is the Virtual Advisor you need to be self sufficient, fast and 100% accurate in your quoting.

CPQ - Configure, Price, Quote

Whether with Infor CRM system or in a B2B Portal, empower your sales people with the product knowledge, cross and up sell opportunities they need to sell it fast and right.

SmartCatalog-quoteFast, accurate Quoting integrated with CRM.  Create a professional and valid quote in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse.  Deliver it to your client or prospect in Word, PDF or email. Know that your quote is stored in and feeding CRM opportunities and that each edit of it also updates forecasts.  Feel confident you are giving your clients and prospects a professional quotation that they and you can count on.




CRM/eCommerce Integration

Out of the box integration with marketing leading Infor CRM and eCommerce systems, along with a mature API to handle any integration requirements.

Configuration with Rules Engine: 

Select a product and others are included, recommended or excluded automatically.  See pricing fules fire and content rich message appear.  The SmartCatalog Rules Engine works behind the scenes to ensure the Configure, Price and Quote process is fast and easy. An accurate quote closes into a valid order.  Sales people are onto the next deal and the client gets exactly what they were looking for.


SmartCatalog is offered as a hosted CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) portal solution as well as On Premise when integrated directly with eCommerce and CRM offerings from Infor CRM.

Before and After SmartCatalog

Typical business systems and workflow before SmartCatalog:



After SmartCatalog is implemented: 


Business to Business Portal


Key Features

Out of the Box Integration - Fast installation with your Infor CRM environment.

Paperless Quotes - Send SmartCatalog quotes through to DocuSign for electronic signature capture and order entry workflow routing.

Guided Selling Wizard - Profile based questions and answer session that guides sales people, customers, partners and prospects to the correct product and/or service catalog and/or configuration.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) - Product and/or service catalogs are combined with powerful SmartCatalog rules engine allowing sales people, partners and customers to configure, price and quote in a catalog and basket, error free.

B2B Portal & Quoting App - SmartCatalog is a web based selling wizard published to sales people in their Infor CRM application and to dealers/distributors/customers via the internet.  Both provide simple to complex quote to order functionality.

Ease to Use Administrative Console - Built for and used by Product Managers and Business Professionals.  Easy to use administrative graphical user interfaces to author and publish Guided Selling paths along with product and pricing rules within minutes.


Smart Catalog Videos

Quick Quote Edition

Quick Quote edition includes everything you need to extend a basic Catalog and Quote solution to your sales force right inside Infor CRM tool they use every day.  The user license provides each "Named" Infor CRM user full access to Product Catalog pages and the basket.

Click on image to view Quick Quote video:


Full Configure->Price->Quote (CPQ) Capability:

In this demo view how SmartCatalog can ensure accuracy around product and pricing in the real time as selections are being made. The viewo show how alerts can be used to guide a sales person to be desired up-sell or cross sell product.

Click on image to view CPQ video:



Why businesses chose Endeavor CPQ

SmartCatalog-LogoThe SmartCatalog customer base includes Fortune 500 corporations and mid-market companies across manufacturing, healthcare, technology, telecommunications and service industries. While some of these names are familiar and others not, all shared a common quote and order entry problem that Endeavor Commerce helped solve with SmartCatalog.