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Smart Marketing Automation - Salesfusion for Infor CRM

salesfusion-funnelSalesfusion marketing automation software is transforming how businesses engage audiences and measure marketing success through every step in the funnel. Attract more visitors to your site and track their digital journey to learn where they interact and convert on your website. Create professional powerful marketing campaigns with the most intuitive email and landing page builders available. Deliver the best leads to Sales through robust nurture and scoring capabilities. Uncover what tactics are working and which aren’t to help you refine campaigns and improve results. 


Why Implement Marketing Automation?

Nearly 11 times more B2B organizations are using Marketing Automation now than in 2011. 

Source: Sirius Decisions




Salesfusion is the premier platform for improving how companies attract, engage, and close new customers - revolutionizing the way that businesses acquire new revenue.  Today, Salesfusion boasts the most out-of-the-box integrations to CRM systems and is the only marketing automation software that is built on a CRM database.  Salesfusion offers 100% pre-built, no-setup-cost integration with Infor CRM (Saleslogix).

Salesfusion will help give your marketing team all the latest technology available to generate demand and leads your sales team.

Key Features

  • Email marketing, multi-channel campaigns, campaign planning
  • Landing pages, web analytics, and visitor tracking
  • Lead scoring, management, and routing
  • Social media publishing and tracking
  • Google AdWords tracking and campaign ROI tracking

Attract Visitors and Create Quality Campaigns



CRM + Marketing Automation Salesfusion-_Gears_to_Marketing

To attract new opportunities, convert them into contacts, and nurture them into lifelong relationships requires a deeper understanding of your customer's motivations.  Simplify your customer relationships with Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and automate your communications with Salesfusion.  With the tightly integrated "Sales Squared" solution you can implement powerful lead-to-sales management programs.

Infor CRM customers worldwide use Salesfusion to optimize the lead-to-revenue life cycle, by adding efficiency, capability and predictability to each step in the process.  Your customer interactions by email, on the web, and at web events are automatically added to your contact and group history in Infor CRM.

Feature rich and powerful, yet cost effective enough for SMBs, Salesfusion and Infor CRM will help your company's bottom line by giving your marketing team all the latest technology available to generate demand and leads for your sales team.


Complete and easy-to-use marketing automation solution that

small marketing teams can afford and be successful using.


Drive inbound traffic and identify new prospects to pull into your funnel.

  • Website Tracking: Uncover key insights about who is visiting your website and why
  • Social: Manage your social presence across all your channels
  • SEO Audit: Help prospects find you by optimizing your search rankings
  • PPC & Adwords: Manage and track paid ad contribution on your pipeline

Capture / Engage

Capture leads and nurture prospects into lifetime customers.

  • Landing Pages and Lead Forms: Capture leads by leveraging custom web pages and forms
  • Campaign Management: Manage and execute multi-channel campaigns
  • Email Marketing: Create engaging email campaigns in responsive templates
  • Nurture Marketing: Build relationships with personalized and automated communications
  • Webinars and Events: Run in-person events and webinars in one platform
  • Surveys: Capture important insights with custom surveys


Streamline your lead management process to optimize sales outreach

• Lead Management: Unify workflow between sales and marketing to ensure proper lead routing and follow up

• Lead Scoring: Measure engagement and prioritize sales outreach with actionable lead intelligence


Surface information to your sales team inside Infor CRM to increase conversions

• CRM Integration: Align your marketing and sales teams with native CRM integration and better visibility
• Buyer’s Journey: Leverage buyer engagement data in both marketing and sales to personalize approach

Analyze / Retain

Measure our marketing effectiveness and improve customer retention

• Reporting & ROI: Capture actionable insights into your marketing performance
• Website Analytics: Evaluate key website metrics to improve performance
• Customer Communications: Leverage automation to help retain customers

Key Features:

  • CRM and marketing data synched
  • Total visibility into marketing history
  • Drill-down marketing dashboards
  • Access to detailed sales and marketing activity
  • Multi-channel campaigns data in Infor CRM
  • 100% Prebuilt integration - no middleware
  • Lead scoring, management and routing

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Lead Analyzer is a powerful, yet easy-to-configure, lead scoring, routing and nurture marketing solution. The solution connects your marketing and sales through behavioral workflow.  Lead Analyzer is arguably the most flexible lead scoring and routing engine in its market segment. Flexibility is built in to create as many lead scoring rules and models as your company requires to be successful.

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Ways to get started

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