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Infor CRM Deployment Options

Select from flexible deployment options with confidence, knowing that Infor CRM will grow with you as your business needs evolve, giving you the freedom to switch between on-premise and Cloud deployments if required.


Web based CRM with Infor CRM Cloud:


Infor CRM Cloud offers you the best of both worlds—a full-featured, standards-based CRM solution with full ownership and control of your data combined with the attributes of a SaaS CRM solution like payment flexibility, access to data online, and the ability to get up and running quickly.

Unique Advantages of infor CRM Cloud

Privacy and Security

      Your valuable information is not housed in a single database with data from hundreds of other companies—you have your own private and secure implementation.

Extensive Data Storage

      Get 100 GB of data storage for every 50 users of the system right from start—far and away the most in the industry. Should you require extra storage down the road, it is available at extremely competitive rates.

Training, Support, and Software Maintenance

      Includes numerous vital services at no extra charge for a worry-free ownership experience, including setup and provisioning, online training, nightly backups, monitoring, database maintenance, and expert product support*.

Flexible Licensing and Payment Options

      Benefits from a variety of flexible product, license, and payment options—designed to fit your unique business requirements and financial preferences.

Integration and Migration Capabilities

      Saleslogix Cloud was built on a flexible platform enabling integration with applications like Microsoft Office and Outlook, back-office accounting solutions, Web services, and more. And, you can easily switch deployment methods and migrate your solution to on-premise—protecting the investment you already made.

Upgrade Control

      With Infor Cloud you have control of upgrades, so you can perform them when it's right for your business—not when the vendor decides.

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Infor CRM On-Premise:

Saleslogix on-premise offers flexible deployment and access methods including Windows, web, and mobile so you can view your data anytime, anywhere, even when users are disconnected from the server. Your vital customer data is securely behind your firewall, on your own hardware. 

      • Full-featured CRM solution
      • Secure solution on your own hardware
      • Lower total cost of ownership and flexible purchase options
      • You own your data
      • You control your software upgrades
      • No data storage restrictions
      • Integration with your other business critical applications and web services