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Updated Outlook Sync and Integration for Saleslogix 8.1, part II

Have it Your Way...Contacts, Activities and Tasks

Having it your way for synchronizing contacts and activities between Microsoft Outlook and Saleslogix is important and can be different for each user.  One may work primarly in Saleslogix and want their CRM system to be the master and always update Outlook.  Another CRM user may work in both applications and need to turn on synchronization both ways. Previously I mentioned the enhanced to Saleslogix 8.1 with Outlook Sync and Integrations, part I.  To continue there are various configurations you can chose for how and when this occurs.


From the Outlook Main menu ribbon bar you'll notice three new icons.  Select the Options icon to make these configuration changes for the Saleslogix Connector. 

Use the Connection tab to setup your connection to the Saleslogix server as provided by your administrator.  It is required for both Outlook sync and Outlook Integration. Use the following format: http://servername:port or https://servername:port




The Sync tab is required by Outlook sync only.  You have options to synch Contacts, Appointments and/or tasks.  It is recommended that the first synchronization be one-way:  such as from Saleslogix to Outlook. That way you can verify the results of the synchronization.

  • If synchronizing contacts click the Ad hoc Group drop-down arrow and select the contact group you created in Saleslogix that will contain the contacts to synchronize. Also select the Outlook Folder holding its contacts. NOTE:  This should be a group only you have such as "Bobs Contacts". Click the Sync Direction drop-down arrow and select how you want contacts to be synchronized between Outlook and Saleslogix.

  • If you want to synchronize appointments (Saleslogix phone calls, meetings and personal activities), click Synchronize Appointments.  To limit the appointments to be synchronized, select the On first sync, link appointments newer than check box, click the drop-down arrow and select a date from the calendar. Only appointments (or phone calls, meetings and personal activities) scheduled on or after the selected date will be synchronized.

  • If you want to synchronize tasks (Saleslogix to-dos), click Synchronize tasks.

  • In the Sync interval box, select the number of minutes between synchronizing between Outlook and Saleslogix.





Use the Send SLX/Record to History tab to set e-mail history and attachment options.  This tab is required for Outlook Integration only.  Select when you want to be prompted when logging an Outlook e-mail as a Saleslogix history record.

  • Prompt for Duplicate Contacts - Prompts you when a duplicate contact or lead is detected.

  • Prompt for Contacts - Prompts you to select which contacts or leads the history item should be associated with.

  • Prompt for Unresolved Contacts - Prompts you when a contact or lead is not found in the database.

  • Display History Details before saving - Prompts you with the Complete E-mail dialog box before an e-mail message is recorded to history.

  • Display Tray Notifications - Displays pop-up messages that describe Desktop Manager activities as they occur.

  • Select the Minimum image attachment size to ignore. Use this option to ignore small file attachments, such as e-mail signatures, so that they are not saved as a Saleslogix attachment. In the Ignore attachments with these file names box, list the file extensions or any file types that should not be saved as Saleslogix attachments.




Use the Address Book tab options to set up your Saleslogix address book appearance.  This tab is required for Outlook Integration only.  

  • Under show contact names as, select how you want names to appear in your address book.
  • Under 'When showing Address Book", select or clear the options to customize your address book.

Isn't this great!  

How are you configuring your Saleslogix 8.1 system?


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