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Make your business work smarter, Make sense of what you face, CRM Business Case

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Why organizations change CRMs: Greater Value and Freedom

The quest for a CRM as unique as your organization: Case Study

Businesses are motivated to change when their current situation becomes unworkable. They may be using a CRM system that is letting them down or hampering their progress. It’s like a box they don’t fit into anymore, if they ever did. And so they start to research other options including Creatio CRM, and they reach out to us.

For instance, we have recently been in communication with a nonprofit in Mid-Western state that provides statewide educational programming focused on workplace safety, wellness, and drivers’ training. We started our conversations like we always do, asking lots of questions and listening to learn their true needs and what they want to accomplish.

Let’s call our contact person Loretta. After she described their model and programming, we asked her what their current struggles are. Then together we figured out the value Creatio could deliver in addressing those needs.

Too much manual input, not enough support

“We’re doing too much by hand,” was her quick answer about pain points. With their current system, staff spends a ton of time manually creating forms, managing class registrations and completions, sending proposals to other organizations, processing memberships, and invoicing.

To compound the problem, Loretta said, their current system is not supported. When it malfunctions, they know of only one person in the entire metro area who knows it well enough to work on it, “and it may be weeks before he’s available. So, then for those weeks we have to do everything by hand, then manually enter the information into our database once it is up and running. It cripples us. We can’t put ourselves in a position to have those kinds of vulnerabilities.”

Solution: Using a sampling of their own data, we demonstrated to Loretta how Creatio CRM would manage and track classes and memberships, automate processes, and sync with website forms. When she thought about how much time their employees spend on those tasks and what the organization was losing as a result, she estimated that the savings in staff time alone would be enough to cover the cost of Creatio.

We also showed her the breadth and depth of Creatio’s support mechanisms. Plus, its low-code platform is designed specifically for “citizen developers” to be able to make fast and easy changes to processes and reporting to meet the unique needs of each organization with minimal reliance on IT specialists.

Neglected customers

“Nobody is tracking client contacts and conversations,” Loretta said about their current situation. For instance, “Over a million people live within a 50-miles radius. But we also have members in tiny towns spread out. The people in western part of our state feel like we don’t care about them. But we do. We don’t know when was the last time that somebody went and saw them or talked to them. I don’t blame them for feeling like the stepchild that got forgotten.” The organization has learned that if they can engage each member in at least two events each year, they won’t lose them, but the existing system is not supporting their ability to maintain that engagement.

Solution: We pointed out Creatio’s capacity to provide metrics on who has been contacted in the last 30 days or any timeframe they’d choose and then monitor all interactions with each group to ensure they are nurturing the organization’s relationships with those customers. Reminders can be automated to reach out with opportunities in line with each member’s interests. Other metrics available will inform faster and better decision-making based on which educational offerings are most used, how long members stay, and other types of program evaluation.

Also, Creatio’s email marketing component would mean they could cancel Constant Contact – more savings!

Why us?

Based on our conversations with Loretta, we were invited to send the organization a proposal. Loretta told us she is advocating for our proposal with the decision makers in her organization and pointed out a few ways we had sold her, in addition to the benefits of the solution, that she would pass on.


“From the very beginning, you (Dick and Julie) have been very good about

being very personable and attentive to our actual needs.

We didn’t feel like we were fitting into your box.

You were making the box for us, which was nice.”


Also, she cited how with other CRMs, unlike Creatio, the price pitched to them always escalated with the necessity to purchase add-ons and additional licenses – and they’d still end up being stuck in a box that didn’t fit them. Last,


“Creatio has been in business 18 years. We know you’re solid.

We know you’re not going to go away. You’ll be there to support us if we need it.”


Yes, we will, Loretta. We want you to have the digital tools you need to serve their  entire Midwestern state with training that makes your workplaces, farms, and highways safer. Creatio will accelerate your ability to do more of what you alone can do. Keep up the good work.

What is your organization’s story? Where is your current CRM system pinching off your progress because it’s squeezing you into an expensive box that doesn’t fit your actual needs? You deserve better. We invite you to schedule a conversation with us like the one we had with Loretta.

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Topics:   Make your business work smarter Make sense of what you face CRM Business Case

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