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Crazy busy resized 600Your world is crazy busy and there is only enough time to focus on the key aspects that most affect your business.  

The following are the key areas that can benefit by the capabilities your business can achieve by having a customer-centric business development strategy and having a CRM system - to equip yourself and your team. 

CRM Equips You to Address these Business Drivers

  • Lead generation:
    • Increase the quality of qualified leads
    • Increase the quantity of qualified leads
    • Decrease marketing costs
    • Increase the flow of leads to sales force for follow up and provide talking points based on the leads' interests 
    • Determining which marketing campaigns produce results
  • Lead Conversion:
    • Improving the conversion of a lead to a more qualified sales opportunity
    • Identifying the key talking points of interest and tracking the conversations for later use and analysis.
    • Decrease selling costs
    • Nurturing the lead through a drip marketing campaign - ideally one that is automated AND is focused on their specific interests.
    • Gaining experience on the key buying habits of the ideal prospect.

Lead conversion - Sales Creatio


  • Selling Velocity:
    • Increasing top line revenue faster and more effectively
    • Decreasing the sales cycle time
    • Increasing the conversion rates
    • Increasing the size of the sale
    • Connecting higher up in an organization on relevant business issues.
    • Reducing administrative tasks and increasing time for relationship building.
    • Decreasing the ramp up time for new sales people.
    • Winning more battles with competitors
    • Moving the prospect to the real value of your products and services.
  • Customer Retention
    • Staying 'top-of-mind' with prospects and customers with topics of interest to them
    • Increasing customer life-time value
    • Increase the quality of the knowledge about the customer and their business drivers
    • Increasing time to profitability
    • Expanding the depth of your contact relationships within each customers' business
  • Customer Service:
    • Decreasing rejects, defect, and service related costs
    • Staying informed of top customer service issues 
    • Identifying trends that are opportunities for service improvements and product enhancements
    • Updating sales account manager of contact issues so they are informed
    • Enhanced employee engagement with tools and resources to produce a memorable customer experience.
    • Supplying valuable resources to help the customer such as white papers, best practices, tips.
    • Updating sales account manager with those contacts who have not been in communication with your business for a while by email, phone, meeting, letters, etc.

Creatio - customer service analytics


  • Business Decisions
    • Quickly determine what important phone calls, meetings and conversations you need to make today and this week.
    • Determining the top sales opportunity priorities for sales personnel.
    • Gaining insights on advances from competitive forces.
    • Finding the key service issues and product performance issues that will drive improved product development.
    • Clarifying the future forecasted revenue and thus future investments and/or cost controls.
    • Access to knowledge to be more Proactive instead of Reactive!
    • Feeling good about the direction your business in going! 

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