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Are you a decision-maker in your company?

If you are a decision-maker in a role of organizational leadership, it’s your job to make decisions that will affect the business as a whole and all the individuals who work there. You think and act strategically about things like budget, expenditures, business focus, and staff organization. It makes sense that the ability to choose wisely is critical to functioning effectively in your leadership role.

Decisive - how to make better choices in life and work

We recently read the book Decisive, written by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. We recommend you read it, too, and add it to your business resource library. It’s about how to defeat the very human tendencies that short-circuit our decision-making process: tendencies like unduly limiting options, confirmation bias, short-term emotion, and overconfidence. We can’t begin to convey all its value to you here, but based on it, here are three tips for how to use data-derived insights to make better choices, and the essential decision-making support CRM can provide.

One: Look for bright spots.

Bright spots are “the most positive points in a distribution of data,” according to the Heaths. By studying bright spots and how they came about, and documenting what you learn, you can create best practices that will enable you to create more bright spots throughout your organization. Bright spots inspire more bright spots.

Because it’s low/no-code and built for business process management as well as customer relationship management, it doesn’t take IT specialists to configure Creatio CRM to create and manage processes unique to your company that support the replication of bright spots when you discover them.

Bright spots might also be people whose work shines through in your dashboard reports and in customer reviews. Watch those stars closely. Talk with them. Find out what they do and how they do it. Use these insights to train others or to hire for similar qualities.

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Note: Do not automatically assume you should have those employees train others. Someone gifted at their job is not always a gifted trainer. But do build it into your training program in some way.

Two: Reality-test your data.

We, humans, tend to make assumptions based on what we want to be there. That’s why it’s important to get eyes on the data from other departments who might have different perspectives than you. A unified CRM like Creatio works to counter the silo effect that will limit your view. Good decisions require both an inside view and an outside one. “The inside view draws from information that is in our spotlight as we consider a decision—our own impressions and assessments of the situation we’re in,” the Heath brothers explain. “The outside view, by contrast, ignores the particulars and instead analyzes the larger class it’s part of.”

We can also think about this as literally a view from outside our organization. What do your best customers and strategic partners think of their experience with you? Creatio has features that make it easy to survey targeted lists of people. This data is just as important as the number of sales made because based on it, you can adjust and improve your strategy as well as interactions.

Business meeting feedback survey results - Smart Surveys

Three: Set a tripwire.

What combination of data could give you either an early warning of threats or an early alert to an emerging opportunity? Think of the potential impact of training employees to recognize patterns and also to spot anything outside the norm. Once you determine that data set, clearly explain it to all your company’s CRM users and communicate to them the value you place on them sounding the alert about either emerging patterns or outliers. Be sure to designate who they should notify and a process to follow up. Your CRM is the ideal place to reveal patterns and to set alerts based on the data that bears watching.

The impact of recognizing a shift in buying patterns or demand early could very well be a significant competitive advantage.

Lack of visibility into data leads to bad decisions. Bad decisions are costly. Making better decisions results in business transformation. We want to help the business leaders we work with become more confident, strategic, and timely decision-makers. A well-chosen, well-implemented CRM is an essential tool that provides customer and organizational data for effective decision-making.

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