superstarselling-resized-600Ideas to Supercharge Sales and Build a Stronger Relationship

When properly implemented, CRM can help enable your salespeople to be superstars, allowing them to focus on selling and building stronger relationships.

6 Key Aspects to Boost Sales Performance - Enabled by CRM

  • Improved Quality and Quantity of Your Leads
  • Identification of Sales Opportunities for Focused Activity
  • Not getting forgotten by staying "Top of Mind" and extending your Reach with your Contacts
  • Grow your network database of contacts and expand linked relationships
  • Automate Your Business Processes so you can focus on what you do best
  • Capture and use Business Intelligence for smarter and faster decisions


The following diagram outlines additional details of these six key aspects:

Sales Boost- 6 key aspects


Key components of CRM that can be leveraged by salespeople and sales management.

Business Intelligence – Get an understanding of why your customers buy from you and learn how to sell to them. Is your Unique Selling Proposition strong enough?

Prospect QualificationMake sure that your salespeople are talking to the best candidates for your products or services. Do they have the characteristics of your ideal target customer?

Tracking Sales Opportunities – Know what's in your pipeline and where each potential sale is in the buyer's process.

Sales Forecasting – use the sales opportunities to track your potential revenue forecast of what is going to close and when. Make sure that the pipeline is healthy.

Management Dashboards – Get a snapshot view of all of your company's key performance indicators for new sales, closed sales, and customer service resolutions.


Activity Tracking – Develop the ratio of activities to sales by tracking how many calls and meetings lead to a successful sale. Easily integrate phone calls and meeting activities with your Outlook Calendar. What was last recorded about the customer's experience?

Contact_Activites_History_bpm'online CRM

Dashboard: 'Call Report' – Turn this dreaded weekly task into a non-event for salespeople and managers. Be able to dynamically view who has been communicating with prospects and customers. (More on No more Call Reports...)


Sales Process Workflow – Systematize your sales process by automating all the steps of your sales cycle.


Opportunity-sales process next steps


Quoting – Easily convert sales opportunities into professional quotes or step up a notice with Guided Selling.

Heads up on Back office – View a customer's aging balances, open invoices, and open sales orders from your accounting ERP system.

Business Analytics ReportingKeep track of your salespeople in one place… forget about extra reports with Excel.

Creatio Analytics home page dashboard

Cross-selling and up-sellingIncrease the average sale of your existing customers.

Automated Campaigns – Create a consistent high-touch process when engaging with your customers and prospects. Provide educational resources like a monthly electronic newsletter.  Use the Priority call list and send our salespeople those contacts with hot and warm responses for immediate follow-up.

Tracking Prior Product Purchases– Know what products and services have been previously purchased. This would be from the closed won opportunities and/or from your accounting system.

Outbound Call HandlingCreate a sales call center and focus your telesales efforts.

Survey customers – Obtain useful and immediate feedback from customer surveys. Are they happy, upset, or interested in more ways you can help them?  Remember that studies show at 67% of customers leave because they don't feel cared for.


Turning pain points into progress: CRM Superpowers to the rescue


Can your salespeople benefit from any of the above CRM capabilities?

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