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Turning pain points into progress: CRM superpowers to the rescue

Helpful CRM Super Powers for your organization

ISV- independent software vendors need superpowers to be the heroes in their own stories. Today we want to tell you about the speed and laser vision clients of ours have tapped into because of Creatio CRM.

Businesses that sell software solutions designed for industry-specific functions make up a significant sector of B2B commerce. They might create the specialized software themselves or sell someone else’s. They market to a particular industry and often provide training, customer service, and consultation as needed. No doubt you’ve done business with some of them.

For instance, types of businesses we’ve served as CRM partners include solutions providers, ISV- independent software vendors, for medical practices, financial services, and HR and payroll services.

These businesses have a lot of contacts and processes to juggle. Like others, they must nurture and deepen relationships with customers and prospects who respond to their marketing. But unless they sell their own software, they also must also keep in contact with agents of various kinds at the software home office. They are not employed by the company, but they still need to access resources about the products and marketing tools the brand employs if they are to reach and serve their customers well.

Here is some pain points software B2B businesses tell us they experience.

Bad taste from previous implementations.

What they say: “We have a legacy CRM where the adoption rate was low and customization options were minimal.”

Understandably, they didn’t want to lose any more time and money doing that again. Change happens fast in their industry. They prioritize keeping up with it for their clients, which leaves less time to update their own processes. They might be tech-savvy, but they don’t have the luxury of time for long implementations.

Illusive in-house IT support.

What they say:We need easy development and optimization of existing sales processes without deep technical skills.”

Any  IT specialists on their staff focus on meeting customers’ needs, as they should. As a result, when the business needs to change processes that entail customization of their own CRM, they wait a very long time. (See pain point #1.) So they keep making do with their existing CRM even if it is inadequate to their current needs. They end up with a patchwork of patches and supplementary platforms that create massive inefficiencies.

Disjointed customer experience.

What they say: “Since our customers interact with different departments simultaneously, it is quite challenging for employees to keep cross-departmental data updated and intact.”

Silos might serve a purpose on farms, but they don’t belong in a software business that wants to provide a smooth, positive customer experience.

Too many manual processes.

What they say: “The sales and customer relationship management infrastructure were manually intensive with little or no automation and therefore difficult to scale cost-effectively or at pace.”

Across all customer-facing functions, we’ve been told businesses need to streamline, automate, and measure the effectiveness of steps of their workflow to improve efficiency and profitability. But they need the processes to still be highly personalized to the customer, too. A painful puzzle, to be sure.

Creatio CRM super-powers to the rescue!

Faster implementation and automation.

With its unique synergy of low-code, process automation, and out-of-the-box functionality, Creatio CRM accelerates the business transformation cycle. It gets you started fast and as employees see how user-friendly it is and how it makes their life easier instead of more complex, they embrace its use. The BPM- business process management- the engine is foundational and readily available to change processes faster.

What they say: “It minimized the amount of customization we needed to get started and propelled our implementation process. The automation of numerous recurring processes increased our time-savings.”


On-the-fly process development and customization.

Creatio CRM’s low-code, no-code platform is powered by a business process management engine to enable both IT and non-IT employees to build processes and apps faster than ever. (Note: Creatio CRM was formerly bpm’online.”

What they say: “We now have the ability to modify processes on the fly to continue to grow contact and account relationships. The ability to adjust business processes as needed is accelerating change.”

Unified CRM:

Creatio CRM has intelligent solutions for marketing, sales, and service built on one platform to streamline customer journeys. Employees in all customer-facing functions have the same 360-degree view of who the customer is and all the insights and touch-points each department has had with them. Happier customers, happier staff.

What they say: “We got a synergistic environment, harmonizing finance, sales, and customer service data. Communication silos are a thing of the past.”


Creatio CRM Super Powers-Success-with-CRM-Consulting

Impressive outcomes:

Creatio CRM clients report impressive outcomes. For instance:

  • Customer service agents’ efficiency increased 61 %.
  • 80 processes automated.
  • Operating costs reduced 30 %
  • Administrative overhead reduced 32 %
  • Sales productivity increased by 22 %

Pain points often indicate where change is needed. When you want to accelerate the transformation and achieve hero status in your business story, consider potential help from the superpowers.  We love working with ISV- independent software vendors.

We’ve seen the results and would love to see you experience them too.

Contact us today. Email or phone: (269)445-3001 Select

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