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Updated Outlook Sync and Integration for Saleslogix 8.1, part I

A big plus in Saleslogix 8.1 are built-in options for Outlook synchronizing of contacts and calendar activities instead of using the former Intellisync. You can choose to synchronize in both directions, from Saleslogix to Outlook only, or from Outlook to Saleslogix only.

This Desktop Integration can be installed from the Saleslogix login form by clicking on the "Install Enhancements" option.  Tip:  click on the "Find out more" hyperlink to obtain helpful information on what Desktop Integration involves.  Note that this applies to those of you using a Microsoft Windows desktop or laptop device.

Understanding Contact Integration

Synchronizing contacts between Saleslogix and Outlook enables you to change a contact record in either application and have the change reflected in both applications. Your administrator must configure and grant permission before you can synchronize contacts with an integration.

During a synchronization cycle, Saleslogix compares fields in both systems, and makes changes to ensure both systems contain the same information. Only data in mapped fields between the applications is transferred. The data is compared and changes are made to ensure the information matches.  For example,  if a record has been added to one system and not to the other, that record is added to the incomplete system.

To synchronize contact information between Saleslogix and Outlook, you must create a contact sync group in Saleslogix such as “RJW SyncContacts”, and then designate the ad hoc group as the contact sync group.


Contact Sync Behavior:

  • Contacts are linked based on the e-mail address. This is case-sensitive. Dick@SuccesswithCRM.com is not the same as dick@successwithcrm.com.   For specific matching behavior see the topic "Matching Records between Saleslogix and Integrations" in the online help.

  • If the same record is updated in both systems during the same sync cycle, the latest change wins.

  • Deleting a contact in Saleslogix will move the contact from the contact sync folder in Outlook to a deleted items folder.

  • Deleting a contact in Outlook will remove the contact from the Salelogix contact sync group, but will not delete the contact from Saleslogix.

Synchronization is restricted by the built-in data security associated with the user who is logged on to Saleslogix. The amount of data available to transfer is limited by the security rights of the user logged in.


Infor CRM Outlook Menu options: 

Once Desktop Integration is installed you'll notice three new menu options on your Outlook main ribbon.

  • “Record to History” – is use to move a highlighted email in your Outlook Inbox/folder to the linked contact in Saleslogix when matched by email address.

  • “Sync Now” – click to manually synchronize your calendar and contacts instead of waiting for a scheduled synchronization.

  • “Options” – to setup up your connection to the Saleslogix server and configure what information is synchronized. This will be covered in a related article.

 Infor CRM xbar in Outlook.png Latest tool bar in Infor 8.3x

Calendar Sync Behavior

  • If the same record is updated in both systems during the same sync cycle, the latest change wins.

  • Deleting an activity in either system deletes the activity in both application.

  • Activity leaders members and resources:

    • Member and resource information is not synchronized.

    • If the user is a member or a leader of an activity, when the activity is synchronized the user will be listed as the leader

  • Unconfirmed and confirmed activities will sync.

  • Declined activities:

    • Activities that are declined before a synchronization cycle are not synchronized.

    • Activities that are declined after a synchronization cycle are removed from the user's calendar in both applications.

  • Activity types in Saleslogix may synchronize to different activity types in an integrated application. See the Understanding Calendar Data Exchange table for details

Saleslogix-Outlook-sync-options-resized-600.jpgVisit the Options article part II on Saleslogix Connector Options....

This includes setting up the database connection options; how you want to synchronize contacts, appointments and/or tasks; setting e-mail history and attachment options; appearance of your Saleslogix address book and so forth

Check out our Saleslogix 8.1 web page for a summary of all the enhancements found in this currently available version. 

When configuration for Outlook sync is complete, changes to contacts and activities are synchronized between Saleslogix and Microsoft Outlook.  To take advantage of all contact and activity synchronization features, you must set activity and contact sync options.

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