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12 Tips to be More Productive - Living in Outlook and using Xbar

Previously in this series of 12 Tips to be more Effective using Infor CRM we have delved into:

1. Setting up your default options to work the way you want to work. Do this once to make life easier.

2. Using Groups - segmenting all types of information into intelligent bit-sized, digestible pieces of information.

3. Using Filters - to more effectively use information from Groups in finding patterns or drilling into the details

4. The effective use of Activities - something you have scheduled but is not yet completed.

Living in Outlook and Being Productive with CRM

This article focuses on the person who lives mostly in Microsoft Outlook and is productive there, but who's life is enhanced with the easy access to related company and contact insights, manages sales opportunities or handles service and support tickets.

Let's face it a large amount of workers time is still spent in Outlook. Wouldn't it be helpful if you could turn this unstructured email information into defined tasks, opportunities, accounts, new contacts, and more?  Likewise you have some new information from the email such as a mobile phone number or contact's title. Wouldn't it be sweet if you can easily take that information and update the contact directly and quickly - without opening up and finding the contact in your CRM?  These actions and much more has been possible for more than a year+ using the free Infor CRM Xbar.

The Infor Xbar for Outlook brings CRM into their Inbox, enabling them to view, update and create CRM data without leaving Outlook, making it much easier for users to be productive without the need to duplicate effort or constantly switch between systems.


By selecting an email in the inbox, the associated CRM details will automatically be displayed. You can select to show information about all members in the email message, just who it is from, just who it is To and  just the CC: copied email recipients.


You can view recent history, planned activities as well as Opportunity and Ticket information. Users can drill into a Contact, Account, Opportunity or Ticket record to view more detail (or update it).  Note the Activities, History, Notes and Dashboard links below.  Click on one of these will show the detailed records such as recent history transactions.



You can also then carry out an action on the back of the email – such as scheduling an activity or creating a new Opportunity or Ticket, all within the Outlook interface. 



For emails from contacts who are not in your CRM system, you can create new records simply by dragging and dropping an email signature onto the Xbar, saving a large amount of re-keying of data.  Likewise you can drag and drop an email to any contact member card on the Xbar to attach the message file.


HOT update:

The soon to be released version 1.3 will be including:

  • Ability to associate contact, lead, account, ticket, opportunity to an activity
  • The ability to update the Area, category and issue for a service ticket.
  • Completing an appointment in Outlook immediately updates Infor CRM 
  • You'll be able to access details, related fields and user fields from calendar items
  • There is a single install for both Outlook Integration and Xbar

The key benefits our clients tell us when using Infor CRM Xbar:

  • This tool is immediately helpful from the get go and its intuitive to get up to speed using it
  • They feel much more empowered when working through their Inbox and keeping up with client and prospect communications.
  • They feel more engaged with the contact because they can easily see historical communications, linked sale opportunities and service request tickets along with a summary of future scheduled activities
  • They have more access to useful and current knowledge.
  • Easy access to a 360 degree view of their key accounts and contacts
  • Actually many will state that they sound smarter and more professional
  • Managers like the fact that the CRM users are now more active in updating CRM information.


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