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Relate people to people and companies to companies in CRM

Knowing people and company associations will improve your productivity in the use of CRM and accelerate business relationship development.   An overall goal our clients will mention is the need to identify relationships among the people and company accounts they do business with.  They need to manage the entire relationship with customers and strategic partners. They need to track this relationship information and have it handy for conversation planning. 


Previously in this series of 12 Tips to be more Effective using Infor CRM we have delved into:

1. Setting up your default options to work the way you want to work. Do this once to make life easier.

2. Using Groups - segmenting all types of information into intelligent bit-sized, digestible pieces of information.

3. Using Filters - to more effectively use information from Groups in finding patterns or drilling into the details

4. The effective use of Activities - something you have scheduled but is not yet completed.

5. Living in Outlook and using Xbar - manage CRM from Microsoft Outlook

In Infor CRM we achieve this through Associations - Account to Account and Contact to contact

Often companies are acquiring a lead, working with a strategic partner or moving an opportunity forward by utilizing the relationships fostered with other customers, vendors and partners. Infor CRM has a way to track those connections so you can watch the impact your network has on winning business.

Example of an account with associated companies as partners, vendor or parent/child relationship:


The key players involved in taking an opportunity across the finish line to a signed contract are rarely tracked. So don't miss this chance to identy those relationships. Often those relationships may be the main reason a customer chose you for the job instead of your competitor. If you know who is associated with that account, you can send them a thank you keeping your brand front and center for both the new win and your existing relationship. A celebratory dinner with all involved parties could ensure your companies name comes up the next time they have a project.

Example of Sales Opportunity with linked contacts involved:


Stickiness = Connections = Stronger Relationships and Smarter Decisions

Using the Associations tab in Infor CRM can also help you become sticky with your customers and vendors. On a project that you have won, your customer considers you the expert. If you can recommend other trusted partners who do excellent work, you have won the favor of both the vendor and the customer who asked for the recommendation. After all, CRM is all about building and managing the entire relationship, not just the numbers at the end of a sale.  If you become a trusted advisor, they are sure to look to you and your company for future project opportunities.

View your customer, Bob Jackson's, associations between other People.

Found under the Contact ->Associations tab.



After you’ve collected the data you can use it to start making smarter business decisions. Utilizing the data to see who you work with frequently can allow you to put together the best team possible for any project that comes through your doors. It also allows you to cut ties with bad parties. If you continue to lose deals with a certain company, you can stop wasting time bidding out for them and focus on the customers you win business with. Tracking these Associations can also help highlight cross-sell opportunities.

What other needs might your company be able to fill for both customers? If you have similar bids coming in, what products have you seen? You can’t change what you can’t measure, so measuring who is associated with your successes will help your company grow that success.


Well-Used CRM Impacts the Relationships among People


Who you know is important and tracking the associations of key business partners can help you work smarter instead of harder. Use Associations to build and strengthen relationships with all of those involved in making your company successful. Infor CRM gives you the tools to see how those Associations are contributing to your growth and how you can use the positive relationships to help you win more business.


For smaller business owners this capability is also available. In ACT we achieve this through Relationships: Company to Company and Contact to contact 


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