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12 Tips to be more Effective Using Infor CRM - Filters to Rescue

Filter for only the CRM data you want to view

Previously in this series of 12 Tips to be more Effective using Infor CRM we have delved into:

1. Setting up your default options to work the way you want to work. Do this once to make life easier.

2. Using Groups - segmenting all types of information into intelligent bit-sized, digestible pieces of information.

Today let's look at Filters which is a rather unique feature only of Infor CRM and which works hand in hand with Groups.  Filters are used to group records and be used to filter records in list views and to configure Dashboard widgets.  Use filters to narrow the list of records you want to view from any given group like My Accounts or My Open Opportunities.


Scenario 1: You need to know the geographical spread of your customers by state or status, sub type, owner or by industry.

Infor CRM Groups Filter optionsYou could accomplish this a few different ways and you start by using your Account Groups.  If your company uses the Account type to define a customer vs prospect vs vendor vs. alliance then you probably already have these as Customer account group, a Vendor group, etc. Or you could start and use your own "My Accounts" group.

Also out-of-the-box there are various filters on account records by other fields such as type, sub-type, status and account state address.  All filters are shown on the far right hand side of the group list view as shown here. You can apply a filter by selecting the check box. ---->

So first pick a group like All Accounts or My Accounts then click on the checkboxes for any of the filters which will further restrict what records are listed.  So if you want your customers select the "Customers" checkbox under type, optionally pick yourself as the account manager if you did not pick a "My..." group. Then move up to state section to see the breakdown.

Account_type_filter_for_customers.png           Account_group_state_filter_selection.png 

 Notice that Florida has zero customer but 2 total accounts.   Illinois has 22 customers of the 62 total accounts from the current group. Click on IL to filter only Illinois accounts.


You may want to only show Active Accounts, so click on status Active checkbox. Now you have a list of your Active, Customer accounts in the state of Illinois.  The resulting group list is now filtered down to just those 14 records.  The filters will retain your last selection(s) as the default values - helpful the next time you access that group - but remember if you see too little information it is probably because that is a filter turned on.


Scenario 2:  You want a quick summary of your open opportunities that are larger deals that are expected to close in the next 3 months.

Opportunity_my_open_with_close_date_filter.pngFirst pick the group of "My Open Opportunities".  Next select the filter for the months you want to consider.  Clicking multiple check boxes from the "Estimated Close" filter will show any records for the selected months.  It looks like there are 2 in February, 3 in March and 4 in April that apply so far.







Now you can see that there are NO big deals coming for those months but there are 3 in the $10,000 to $99,999 sales potential range.

You can also review the other filter to see what you have for the various 

Opportunity_filter_by_probability_to_close.png       Opportunity_filter_by_stage_of_sales_process.png

Now you can see that you have 9 open sales opportunities for the next three months and how they stack up with what is your control or available throughout the company (provide you have the need permissions)...


 Other Capabilities using Filters:

Remember you can take that filtered group and use to create another new group, export the list to Excel or quickly check the "Task ->Opportunity Statistics" of the highlighted records like the following.


Tip:  The filters that show up are driven by what columns (fields) are found in the group query.  If there is a known filter available but you do not see it, then that column is probably not available in the group query.  It may be a visible field or hidden to have the related filter be displayed.  See the article on groups to find how to use the Query Builder tool.  Also use the ? help icon for tips.


Filters_-_clear_all_and_edit_option.pngAbove the list of filters are options to Clear All and Edit Filters.  

Edit_filters_option.png To quickly remove all checked filters simply click on the "Clear All" icon and you'll go back to seeing all the records in the selected group.   Use the "Edit Filters" to hide which filter are visible.  This is helpful to clean up too many options.  Just remember you can also click on Edit filter to bring back all the filters.

Have it your way....

Add your own business filters to drill into your CRM information and help guide your decisions

Since a filter is really a way to take information from a field in your CRM database you are not limited to only the out of the box filters.  Also you may want to change current ones such as the ranges that apply for the sales potential dollars so they are more representative to your business.

The Infor CRM Administrative panel option for Entity Manager provides a list of entities (tables for Account, Contacts, Opportunities, etc. records) and then the filters that apply to each.

These are the out-of-box filters for an account.


and the related filter metrics:



These are the filters for Opportunities. A filter can not only be on a specific field but can combine ranges of values such as Sales potential dollars or probability of close percent.


And related filter metrics for opportunities. Metrics can also be calculated on differences in dates like the calculation of days in a pipeline.


Some other ideas for metrics are showing related information like opportunities based on the account's type, industry or geography.  We liked to enhance the filters for contact such as contacts based on their account type or subtype.

If you have emarketing integrated like the Swiftpage system or Sales Fusion marketing automation system you can get scores back based on readership.  We have the ability to track the higher engagements and measurements by subjects, as shown below.  The higher the SPE (lead) score, the most interest was expressed by the reader.




Note:  The Entity Manager option is available for a user given Administrative permissions.


 Get most from your CRM by using Filters....

  • Understand how groups and filter are related

  • Use filters to quickly summarize information and proceed to making smarter decisions

  • Setup filter metrics to also use in the management dashboards

  • Create new filters that are specific to your way of doing business and what you need to measure

  • Infor CRM is adaptable so setup filters that help you analyze information more quickly

    • Identify who are your best customers and where are they located

    • Identify who are your better sales people

    • Identify which opportunities will be coming up soon by whom and what is their sales potential

    • Identify the contacts that show high levels of engagement with your marketing campaigns 


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