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We set calendar reminders and compile grocery lists for a reason.

Without them, we would forget that dentist appointment and the dish soap we’re nearly out of.

Have you ever had a conversation with a coworker or customer in which they shared some helpful information, but details slipped away from you because you failed to write it down? Most of us have. Unfortunately, even small memory lapses can come back to bite us in ways that hurt our performance or relationships. Your intelligent CRM helps you fill in the context for better conversations

Our brains are wondrous organs, but no matter how intelligent we are, we aren’t wired to track all the mental tabs we usually have open. We unconsciously start to off-load information that our brain decides is not as essential to our survival. When we can systemize the capture of information from our conversations, we are doing our brains a favor by freeing them to focus energy elsewhere.

One of the main benefits of an effective CRM system is that it is designed to function like a memory plug-in to boost your brain’s power to remember the conversations you have and support improved performance.  

4 Memory Boosters Within Creatio

Remember conversational details to keep relationships fresh.

A conversational workplace is a more productive workplace because relationships grow one conversation at a time. When we talk with others, the expectation is that we’ll hear and retain what we learn. If we let conversational details drift into the void, we come across as inattentive. Worse, we drop balls that impact customer satisfaction or our internal teamwork.

What types of information do you need to capture from conversations? Here is a sampling:

  • What is this customer’s preferred method of communication?
  • What challenges is their business experiencing or anticipating?
  • Who else, internally and externally, is involved in the next step of your initiative?
  • Why has your product and services helped them and why are they returning?
  • When does your strategic partner’s vacation start? When will they be back? Who is in charge while they’re gone?
  • How can what you know, make for better conversations?

The answers to these questions could be scattered across departments and systems, but work is so much more productive when it’s all available at a glance, at your fingertips. With Creatio CRM, they can all reside on one platform where anyone who needs to see it can be given an appropriate level of access.

Remember conversations to improve performance

Good managers have regular conversations about performance with those they supervise. Making reminders and measurement of productivity visible helps maintain good performance and encourages greatness. Visualize performance, not for the purpose of shaming but to encourage and reward success, and to keep it top of mind.

Creatio low-code CRM has many built-in ways to make performance visible.

  • Dashboards can be configured company-wide as well as for each department. Individuals can customize their own dashboards, too, to help them manage their own performance.
  • Bar graphs show how high the goal is and how close it is to completion.
  • Timelines show the progress of customers’ journeys or marketing campaigns over time.
  • Trend-line graphs show changes in results over time and can illuminate what other factors coincided with the increase or decrease.
  • Collage-like displays of success stories and customer comments illustrate a team’s achievement or progress toward improved customer service ratings.

Creatio Dashboards Mobile and Web

Just like the numbers indicating yards gained or batting averages that run at the bottom of the TV screen during a football or baseball game, displaying stats keeps everyone engaged in the action, knowing when to cheer and when to dig deep.

Remember requests and promises

What did that customer you talked with three days ago request of you? What did you promise to do?

Leverage your Creatio CRM to create “due lists.” More than a to-do list, a due list identifies deliverables you are responsible for or that you anticipate receiving from others. It is a process management tool that includes all the people involved, who does what, and what is due when. Due lists are useful to manage your own work better and coordinate efficiently with others. These kinds of reminders keep lines of communication clear. They also guard against damaging relationships because we unintentionally neglect our commitments.

Remember to make emails purposeful

An email is a specialized form of conversation, isn’t it? Emails require extra care because they lack the layers of nonverbal communication we get when we talk face to face, even when face-to-face means videoconferencing.

When you are preparing for a meeting, carefully design your emails about it to produce specific results and set attendees up for success. Consider setting up email templates in Creatio CRM that can be tweaked for each meeting but that contain the following sections. Some may go out pre-meeting and others can be scheduled for follow-up afterward.

  • What is the purpose of the meeting? Review your meeting objectives so people have context for the conversations to come.
  • When do you need things done? Remind participants of timelines and milestones so they can coordinate them with their own calendars and other commitments.
  • Why does it matter? Remind people frequently how the discussion at hand relates to the big picture of organizational values and vision as well as the benefits they will share by participating.


We’ve just skimmed the surface of all the value of Creatio as a memory booster. If you want a deeper look, we’re here to share more info and answer your questions.

Contact us today.                          Select

To read more about customer conversations, read our Diary of Relationship Conversations for Sales Success.


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