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Bpm'online - Business Processes, Cases and Workflow

There are two type of business processing in BPM.  A business process (BP) is used to implement the vision of management objectives following a specific path for the entire organization.  It identifies how the company will operate, a guidance system, to ensure better quality data and completeness of data.  A business process is also used to automate manual tasks and thus relieves the work load on employees.

The second type of business processing is called DCM for dynamic case management.  DCM is used when you don't have a defined process where one step is completed before the next step.  DCM is popular in smaller companies that don't have a need for complex business business process management. 

DCM - dynamic case management is found in 3 sections of BPM'online:  Sales->Leads,  Sales->Opportunities and Service->cases.  For example, a sales process may have multiple stages and various steps in each stage. The CRM user many not need to follow each business process step and stage sequentially - thus dynamic case management.


Bpm'online uses the global standard of BPMN 2.0 (business process management notation) that uses color code image to represent  elements such as tasks, sub-processes, gateways and events


User Actions System Actions Start, intermediate & End Events
Process libary-elements-user actions.png Process libary-elements-system-actions.png Process library-elements-events.png


The built-in System Designer is used to manage business processes and monitor their processing.  Bpm stores all the processes in a Process library

Process library list.png

A process can be opened and modified or copied then modified - which is helpful when changing out-of-the-box processes,  Actions for a process are shown below and in particular,  each process can be activated or deactivated.   

 Process libary actions.png

A process starts with something like a Signal:  a new record is added or a field is changed in some data

Depending on the specific element used in the process workflow there are different properties that are used to configured what and how  the action or event is used. The following example is a task configuration form to create a phone call follow up activity


Perform task properties.png




Process Log - Monitoring and Analyticsprocess-monitoring-and-analytics.jpg



bpm'online Marketing out-of-the-box processes:



Lead nurturing campaign workflow



Lead distribution workflow



Attract new audience trigger campaign workflow

intuitive-campaign-designer_new audience trigger campaign.png


bpm'online Sales out-of-the-box processes:



Contracting workflow

Visual process designer-contracting.png


Sales initiation process (new opportunity)

Sales initiation process.png


Sales process workflow

Out of the box sales process.png


Dynamic case management for Opportunity stages

DCM opporuntity sales process.png


Orders Approval process flow

Order-approval process.jpg



bpm'online Service out-of-the-box processes:



Case registration from incoming phone call



Creating and processing tasks for case diagnostic and resolution

Creating and processing task for case diagnostic and resolution.png


 Incident Management work flowout-of-the-box-process-for-incident-management.png

Dynamic case management for stages of a Service case

case management dcm.png



Process log monitoring and analytics for Service related processes



Resources: Bpm’online process and case management

  • Business processes in bpm’online – A quick overview on business processes in bpm’online with useful links on how to create, run, monitor and manage the business processes.



Check bpm’online marketplace for free business process templates illustrating different aspects of bpm’online business process. These are examples of processes covered in the Process Designer guide.

Examples of Marketplace business process templates:


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