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Creatio customers will see the automatic roll-out of the 8.0.2 release for the month of July 2022.  Here are some of the key features and capabilities included in Creatio version 8.0.2.  For the full list of features and updates get the release notes, and download this PDF.

Freedom UI Designer

It is now possible to change the tab style, use icons for tab titles, and copy tabs together with their content; buttons now support multi-level menus, quick resizing, and a broader library of icons; input fields now support placeholders that contain text and links to inform the user on proper data entry.

Set up a tab title



Setup a button that has a menu


Freedom UI Management:

For improved list management, row numbering was added, and it is now also possible to use keyboard arrows to select and navigate between cells as well as use the CTRL+C shortcut to copy a cell’s content; current folder tree settings are now stored in the user profile and are applied per each user individually; it is now possible to drill down the chart data, as well as dynamically change the chart type.

List Management:

  • Row numbering was added. This streamlines navigation and data management.
  • It is now possible to select individual list cells and move between them using keyboard arrows.
  • You can now copy the content of a selected cell using the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.
  • When you add a record and return to the list, Creatio highlights the new row.
  • You can apply list settings to every app user immediately.

Data Management:

  • Creatio saves data of the folder tree and selected folder settings to the user profile and applies it every time you open the section.  A long-awaited personalization feature for folders
  • It is now possible to manage folder access permissions while working in the app. To do this, select the “Set up access rights” action in the folder menu.


You can now drill down the chart data. You can drill down individual chart points and columns or each chart series. When you drill down the chart data, you can customize the data list similarly to a section list.


Freedom UI Elements:

New [ Gallery ] element can display visual data of any Creatio object on a page. Besides images, the gallery supports a record caption and brief description text. To familiarize yourself with new capabilities, enable the “ShowDesignerDemoItems” feature.



Freedom UI Business Rules:

A business rule that filters fields based on values of other fields is implemented. You can set up the rule at the Creatio object level. In this case, Creatio applies the rule to all pages that contain the affected fields. For example, the rule that filters cities based on countries in contact or account addresses is applied when you use these fields in any new UI. The feature is enabled by default in version 8.0.2.

Marketing Creatio:

  • Creatio.NET Core products now support lead generation from LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Active contact licenses.  This has been a feature Marketing managers have been waiting for. An indicator displays the total number of marketing contact licenses and the number of available licenses is now added to the list page and record page of the [Email], [Campaigns], [Events} sections.  The color of the indicator depends on the number of available licenses and varies from green (sufficient licenses) to red (no vacant licenses).



There are other improvements in the areas of the application hub, business processes, integrations, administration, performance, and development tools.  Release notes are found here from the Creatio Academy.

Please make sure your Mobile Creatio app is updated to the latest version for the best performance.


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