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Creatio Mobile Application

Creatio Mobile - dashboard -workplaces

Mobile application

With Creatio mobile application, users can get access to all necessary data and features on the go in a few clicks. Mobile app can be installed on mobile devices with such operational systems as Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Mobile workplace

Use Creatio mobile application as a remote workplace with instant access to customer data, calendar, mobile feed, dashboards and analytics. Sync your actions with your colleagues’ plans and stay up to date with the latest company’s event 24/7.


Top performers dashboard Creatio mobile

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Accounts and Contacts:

Access all the critical information about your customers from any mobile device. You can easily work with accounts and contacts: add new ones, write SMS or make calls right from the mobile app


Creatio Mobile Sales -accounts and contacts

 Activities and Meetings:

Plan your activities, meetings or calls using a smartphone or tablet. Save all your presentations in the knowledge base and show them during a customer meeting right from your mobile device. Update and add contact, account and opportunity information to the system as a result of the meeting for future references.



Manage your opportunities no matter where you are! Track a history of each deal, clarify details and plan your further steps using Sales Creatio mobile app.

Opportunity listing Creatio mobile


Explore the prospect’s needs and preferences, track status of the lead in real time. 

Mobile Feed:

Use the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) on your smartphone or tablet to keep your fingers on the pulse of your business. Send messages linked to your contacts, accounts or activities. Share ideas and “like” and comment on any post in the feed.

Online and Offline modes:

The app can be used in both online and offline mode. Whichever option you choose, the needed data will be always at your fingertips.


Effectively using the Creatio mobile app.

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