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Accelerate business processes of any complexity and easily build applications for your specific business needs with business process management software from Studio Creatio, enterprise edition.


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Use the intelligent low-code platform to enable users without any technical skills to build applications and processes faster than ever.  With Studio Creatio everyone can be a developer.

What is Low-code? Read more - an introduction to low-code app development.




Studio Creatio, enterprise edition: low-code platform - overview demo:

  • Ensure lightning-fast implementation of your app with minimum involvement from developers
  • Business process automation in Studio Creatio is as easy and exciting as building something with LEGOs.

  • Creatio based solutions are highly scalable and demonstrate high performance across multiple large-scale businesses with tens of thousands of active users.

  • Implement changes efficiently and easily leveraging a universal CRM ecosystem with a selection of ready-to-use solutions that share the same platform.
  • Business process management tools implemented on an intelligent platform

Studio Creatio is an intelligent business process management and low-code platform, enabling mid-sized and large enterprises to automate and accelerate business processes and build custom applications for specific needs. The platform is built with native intelligence to automate complex workflows and drive efficiency. It offers core functionality around salesforce and customer service automation, but the low code platform still allows users to extend functionality and create custom applications to fill in any functional gaps in their existing application stack. Because of its roots as a CRM provider, the most common use cases involve sales and customer service tasks, like creating and logging responses to custom forms or automating an online sales play. It includes pre-configured solutions for marketing, sales, and service, including verticalized capabilities for financial services, professional services, retail, media and advertising, telecommunications, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transportation and logistics, and the public sector.

Key capabilities

 Key capabilities and features include business process management with process modeling, execution, monitoring, and analytics; dynamic case management with context-based patterns, built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities allow non-technical users to create intelligent apps without wrangling extensive code or datasets; a fully-functional mobile app, and multi-level security to meet enterprise standards as many customers are large international organizations with thousands of employees, requiring extensive and reliable security protocols for all internal- and external-facing applications. Creatio also offers the Creatio Academy, an online learning resource and community where users can familiarize themselves with the platform and learn new skills, dramatically accelerating onboarding and time to value for customer organizations.



Pricing Studio enterprise is $25 per user per month and includes:

  • Business process management
  • Case management
  • System designer
  • Core configuration
  • Mobile application
  • Security and administration

The annual subscription for Studio Creatio Enterprise Edition is $300 per user/per year for cloud deployment and $300 per user/per year for on-site deployment. The minimum purchase is $5,000 per year for Creatio products.

Studio Creatio technologies

Studio Creatio technology enables using a low-code platform to accelerate business processes of any organization, regardless of its size and business model.

  • Microservice architecture and open-source technologies. The principles of microservice architecture ensure high performance, fault-tolerance, and scalability of business apps. Autonomous microservices support horizontal and vertical component scaling and provide smooth 24/7 operation. Open-source components provide the ability to develop apps according to the latest tech requirements, solve complex technological tasks, and reduce the resources required while deploying Creatio on-site.

  • Security on all levels. Creatio ensures the highest level of security and privacy of stored data by supporting it both at the application and network levels, as well as at the physical access level.  Creatio complex multi-level security system enables tracking operations and events at the application and network levels, with separate monitoring of each security level. Data storage infrastructure enables regular archiving of critically important information and safe data backup

  • Performance and reliability. Horizontal scaling of all subsystems ensures top Creatio performance in large-scale projects. It enables smooth operation regardless of the number of users and supports seamless updating of OS components and other software. The operation capacity is ensured through integrations with monitoring systems, core component scaling, and automation of application service deployment processes.

  • Open platform. The Creatio platform is built with customization, flexibility, and scalability in mind. This enables the developers to create their own modules, as well as modify the existing functionality to meet any specific business requirements. Creatio provides a wide range of tools for integration with third-party systems and applications. The platform supports most of the open protocol standards for efficient integration with different third-party and industry-specific systems

  • Regular updates. Continuous deployment and flexible development processes accelerate the delivery of new functionality to users. Each new Creatio release maintains compatibility with public APIs and data models and is compatible with custom apps developed on the previous versions. This ensures high productivity of any custom applications installed from the Creatio Marketplace and allows for saving settings customized in the system with the help of wizards, visual editors, and development tools.

  • Cloud deployment. Creatio users can choose a suitable deployment option depending on their business needs and internal policies: cloud-based or on-premises.

Creatio helps companies embrace the "everyone a developer" concept enabling organizations to erase the boundaries between business and IT. Take advantage of the ability to build and modify applications and processes across all business units without deep tech skills.

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