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Studio Creatio

Accelerate business processes of any complexity and easily build applications for your specific business needs with business process management software from Studio Creatio, enterprise edition.


Creatio low-code quote - Dick Wooden

Use the intelligent low-code platform to enable users without any technical skills to build applications and processes faster than ever.  With Studio Creatio everyone can be a developer.

What is Low-code? Read more - an introduction to low-code app development.




Studio Creatio, enterprise edition: low-code platform - overview demo:

  • Ensure lightning-fast implementation of your app with minimum involvement from developers
  • Business process automation in Studio Creatio is as easy and exciting as building something with LEGOs.

  • Creatio based solutions are highly scalable and demonstrate high performance across multiple large-scale businesses with tens of thousands of active users.

  • Implement changes efficiently and easily leveraging universal CRM ecosystem with a selection of ready to use solutions that share the same platform.
  • Business process management tools implemented on an intelligent platform


Pricing Studio enterprise is $25 per user per month and includes:

  • Business process management
  • Case management
  • System designer
  • Core configuration
  • Mobile application
  • Security and administration

The annual subscription for Studio Creatio Enterprise Edition is $300 per user/per year for cloud deployment and $300 per user/per year for on-site deployment. The minimum purchase is $5,000 per year for Creatio products.

Introducing Studio Creatio Free version - to jump start your application development.


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