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5 Innovations in the Interface

The interface that transforms the way you use enterprise software. The essence of the changes lies in the following five key success factors:

  1. Information is intelligently put into the context of your current task
  2. Human-centered design - the interface is as simple as your favorite social network
  3. Bring your own device and have the same working experience that you have on laptop
  4. Smart command line simplifies your navigation and data search
  5. The solution is one of the fastest CRM applications ever built


Context Interface 


Displayed data is always relevant to your current task. E.g. when you work on an opportunity, Creatio solution will show you relevant products for a cross-sell, loan options and special offers for these products. At the same time, all irrelevant data is kept hidden. The best thing about context interface is that it is completely customizable. You can set business logic to define what data should be displayed for a specific kind of task




List of contacts.png

Human-centered design 

You will love elegant minimalistic design that is free from redundant information and keeps you focused on what’s relevant. The solution is so intuitive that you will get it right from the start!




Multiple devices. Single look. Multiple devices.png

With Creatio you can share the same user experience no matter where you use the application: on the phone, tablet or laptop. If you know how to work with Creatio on one device, you will easily use it on all of them.



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Command line help.pngCommand (Help) Line

You can do all your work right from the command line. Just start typing to let the command line offer you the list of most appropriate actions or jump to the required page  The real fun starts when you customize the command line. Let’s say, you Command line results.pngmay set a “debts” action that will make a report of all uncompleted payments. Or you can add a “today” action that will display you a list of high-priority tasks for this day.



Work at the speed of light

Thanks to dynamic data upload, all system actions, like surfing between pages or running the process are performed with extreme speed.

Data import summary result

UI Customization

Take advantage of the extended capabilities for user interface customization. Go to the System Designer section if you need to setup workplaces, show/hide system sections for different user roles, or personalize the application by adding company's logo or changing the color according to the corporate style.

Customize Creatio to fit your unique business needs and requirements. Easily rearrange, add and remove lookups, data fields or entire pages. The application provides wizards and designers for objects, pages and processes. Use these tools to change the data views or business logic without programming.

Supported Browsers

Supported Browsers

Interface overview Video: Learn about Creatio user interface to know how to use the side panel, command line, communication panel, how to set up filters, views and more

Navigating the User Interface

The Creatio interface consists of the side panel, the communication panel, the command line and the content of the page that is displayed at the moment.


Bpmonline interface.png


1. Side panel

The side panel (or the “section panel”) is located in the left part of the screen and is used to navigate through the workplaces and sections. Also, the side panel contains buttons for quick access to the basic system operations.


the "Home" button contains a list of additional commands: {Main menu} opens the home page which contains a list of all section of the application and links to system designer and the user profile pages;  {Run process] opens the process start window.


 Button-process-start.pngopen the process start window.  If no process has been set up for this button, clicking it opens a windows containing the list of all business processes available in Creatio. 


Button-arrows.png collapses/expands the side panel.  The collapsed panel displays action buttons and the icons of the current workplace sections. The expanded panel displays action buttons, section names and the current workplace name.


Selecting a workplace Workplace selection.png

Navigation between the user workplaces is done using the menu on the side panel. To make the menu  available, expand the side panel.




2. Communication panel

The communication panel is located on the right side of the screen and is used for making and receiving calls. It is also used for quick access to system notifications for the current user and to the message feeds from other users.


3. Command line

The Help command line is used to search for records, add new ones, as well as to perform other actions by entering text commands.  It is shown asking the question "What can I do for you?"  Command line results.png


4. Folder and filter area

The area is used to extend the settings of data filters, as well as to work with the folders (groups of records) of the sections.

Contacts folder and filter area.png

5. Working area

Depending on the section and the selected view, the working area displays the list of section records (for example, the contact list in the CONTACTS section), the record page, the analytic tools of the current section, as well as special pages, for example, the calendar in the ACTIVITIES section.

Contacts Section ->Customer folder (group) list display



Account profile detail 

Account profile form.png


Related primary contact profile linked to the account profile

Primary contact profile card.png


Creatio is a process-driven low-code CRM for marketing, sales, and service automation. The solution allows companies to manage the complete customer lifecycle – from lead to sales and to ongoing customer service. The solution gives users the ability to align marketing, sales and service activities on one single CRM platform.

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