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creatio no-code/low-code CRM

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Creatio No-Code Playbook Launch coming

We have some fantastic news to share! As you might have already heard, on October 4th, Creatio is launching the No‑Code Playbook, a framework that enables creators like yourself to design and deploy no-code business applications at speed and in a secure fashion. Our CEO Katherine Kostereva, in partnership with Burley Kawasaki, a prominent software development executive, and consultant, has co-authored the Playbook.


The No-Code Playbook is a hands-on guide that empowers teams to deliver

business applications of any complexity by leveraging the no-code approach.

The Playbook covers the entire lifecycle of no-code development that is disrupting the world of enterprise software now. It covers the principles of no-code development and provides a detailed description of three core phases (Design, Go‑Live, and Everyday Delivery) and twelve lifecycle stages. The Playbook includes an overview of advanced tools such as an application decision matrix, complexity assessment, and governance frameworks, as well as ready-to-use models for managing roles and team structures for efficient no-code delivery. The Playbook outlines recommendations for setting up a Center of Excellence and establishing an application audit process.

Creatio No-Code Playbook event-2


To launch the No‑Code Playbook, Creatio will host a virtual show featuring the book’s authors on October 4th. The event will be joined by star guest Steve Wozniak, Co‑Founder of Apple. The Silicon Valley icon will share his views on the future of software and how it can help businesses to create value and innovate. The show will close with a case study from Creatio customer Virgin Media O2 Business. In the case study, Virgin Media O2 Business will demonstrate how it is using the no-code playbook to create digital-first ways of working—becoming more agile and meeting customer needs quickly and efficiently.


Topics covered:

  • Principles of no-code development
  • 12 stages of the no-code development cycle
  • Complexity assessment framework
  • Building the Center of Excellence
  • Governance framework
  • No-code application audit and monitoring
  • Fusion team roles and responsibilities


The Playbook addresses the industry's most pressing questions on how to organize efficient IT and business collaboration and deliver game-changing results leveraging the full

the potential of no-code capabilities while staying compliant with rules and regulations.

Please register yourself and your team via the following link: https://www.creatio.com/page/no-code-playbook-grand-release


Topics:   creatio no-code/low-code CRM

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